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red enemy

The Interview:

X: Hi guys, you're from Denmark! Welcome, is this your first time here?

No. This is our third trip. We were here last summer and the winter before that. And third time coming back we still enjoy it very much.

X: Well you were certainly enjoying it on stage, ow do the crowds receive you at home?

It's not the same. People enjoy the tech/djent niche a lot more here in the UK than back home in Denmark, so the crowd response is always a lot better here.

X: Yeah there is not much tech metal in Denmark really, it's more the heavy stuff.

Yeah precisely it's more the classic, heavy and thrash Metal.

X: Or viking Metal! (laughs)

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X: So who's you're influences? Because you've got a varied sound so it's a little difficult to pigeon hole you...

Well we all agree that some sort of metal we enjoy, such as Sumerian artists, Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Meshuggah. Then we have our individual music tastes, electronic, jazz, samba, and we mix it all up.

X: So you're taking the best parts of what you like and mashing it together, with a disco party at the end! :D (laughs)

Yeah its our way of saying "keep the party going", lets have some fun!"

X: Yeah you were having a lot of fun on stage, and one thing I learnt about the Danish is that you love to party - and you don't even need a reason! (laughs)

Yeah and it's also possible to play aggressive Metal with a smile on your face, that is what we are all about.

X: Describe your music in three words?

Beautiful - but that's more of a word to describe the members of the band ;) (laughs)

X: Actually you're not dressed like a typical kind of Metal band, there's no black, long hair or anything like that, you're actually quite vibrant!

Yeah that's the same going with the music and the attitude, we're just ourselves. We try to be honest with our music and who we are off stage. So we don't change to have black leather and big boots just because we play Metal. We've heard it before and people say "are you sure you don't play pop music?"! We played a festival and our sound guy introduced us and the promoter said "Are you sure? you look like a pop band!"

X: So do you have any themes for your lyrics then?

I try to write positively. The EP we just put out, 'Singular Patterns' has a theme about two people in a relationship, the good and bad and progress of those. The singer before wrote the lyrics to the first track so I went from there.

X: Do have a follow up release?

We're working on it now, we've released two singles from the record, 'Transitions' and 'Young Catalyst'. WE're really proud of them and they show that we have progressed as musicians and song writers. And we have a lot of news tracks that we're looking forward to recording. Once we get home we are going to concentrate on that instead of gigs.


X: Great! Well now it's time for the poop quiz!

If you could be a superhero, what would your power be?

I've always wanted to be invisible, so I would be the invisible poke man!

I would want unlimited stamina so I could run 1,000 miles without getting tired.

I think being able to fly would come in quite handy.

I would like some more speed, in my feet, and wrists, and fingers. Being able to do a blast beat with one finger.

X: If you could be a woman for the day, who would you be?

I'd like to be Rhianna, to know what it feels like to have a big ass!

I'm in limbo between Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama, just because it would be quite interesting living in the White House.

X: Your house is on fire, what one item do you save?

Laptop, you can restart everything in my house but too much work for a laptop.

I just got an expresso machine, I really love it!

I think I would save my copper pans for cooking. tThey're so shinny and really good for cooking.

My phone, quite boring, but so I can call the fire brigade and they can save the rest of my things!

X: Who has the smelliest feet in the band?

The Pope!

X: Who snores the loudest?

Roar! No one comes close! We always want to put him far away because he snores, but on the other hand someone has to sleep close so they can punch him when he starts. So we always have a battle of who has to sleep closest.

X: Normally I would ask Jager or JD, but being Danish you also have bitters! So it's the choice of three now, Jager, JD or Underberg!?

Can the answer be gin and tonic?

X: NO!





X: Whats your favourite pizza?

There's one in Denmark called the Viking!

Anything with chicken I'll eat it.

I'll go with the potato pizza! You boil it slice it then and dress with olive oil and lemon juice.


X: And what is your favourite cheesecake?

We don't really eat a lot of that in Denmark.

Original with raspberry on top.

I love chocoalate cake so I'd choose chocolate cheesecake.

I'm all about the white chocoalte.

We went to Morrisons today to get some cookies and I was so happy! We stayed with a guy and he got us some of these cookies and they were so great. At our gig in London last week at the Unicorn, we walked half an hour to Morrisons to get some but it was 7pm and they closed at 4pm. I cried.

I would like to know what is your favourite Danish band?!

X: Woah, well that is a toughy because I did see some really good acts over there!

Do you know The Interbeing? They've got some electronic in it, they're my favourite Metal band at the moment.

X: I quite like Mnemic - how is that pronounced cuz everyone says it different over here!

It's not actually a Danish word, so you can say it how you like! They're very good, their first two albums were epic!

X: I think it would be a toss up between The Kandidate and The Burning. There's a good viking band from Roskilde, Vanir, and also Alabama Black Snakes!

The Live Review:

So first off I wasn't really sure about these guys, the name intrigued me but at first glance they didn't really reach out to me. Initially the vocals came across a bit screamo so I didn't pay attention. They looked a bit odd on stage too, light coloured shirts, big smiles, and a pink polo! They looked far too happy to be there! The crowd were loving it though. I took a step back for a couple of songs to kinda soak in the atmosphere and it was just happiness!

The music was pretty erratic, not in a sense of tempo, but that you can't pin a single sound or two to them, its very diverse being poppy and bouncy one section to choppy tech another etc. I think I got stuck on this too much and didn't fully allow myself to enjoy the music, I felt maybe they just need to refine a little bit more.

That said the set was actually pretty enjoyable, seeing these guys being so happy playing their music was so inspiring and the audience were really into the band -they seemed to know what was going on a lot better than I did, receiving the band with loud cheers after every song and it was almost a little sad when the band had to finish almost like a party - to which the band finished with some dance music and jumped around the stage and floor, how they still had that much energy left in that heat I don't know! But it certainly left me wanting to know more!

beer beer beerbeerbeer

The EP Review: 'Singular Patterns':


And so now listening to the music recorded; A heavy chuggy intro leaves us wondering what direction will come and the post intro still kinda leaves us wondering. Now an electronic ambient breakdown is in place - ah it's an introductional track! Caught me out there!

'Aspects' is where it kicks off. Tech beats and some high pitch harmonics and growly vocals pounding along, I don't remember them sounding this heavy! Good stuff with a nice twiddly riff. 'You Had That Look In Your Eye - Fight Or Fight' Is almost like the heavy side of Chimp Spanner, with a vocalist! And a light touch of electronics glides over the heavy guitars, a nice balance blended together. As is the intro for 'Clarity', a musical interlude leading to the epic 'You Never Cease To Amaze Me'

Beginning smoothly with light guitars, clean vocals and an early guitar solo. But now it's gone all BTBAM! A slightly less crazy approach more in keeping with the emotion of the track, almost sounds like you should be on a Hawaiian beach! Some louder shouting ensues and after four minutes we're now listening to electronic ambience, well this sure is different and really displays how diverse this band is, not afraid to experiment with sounds that work. A crescendo introduces the full band back and at eight minutes the djent is back in full swing for the last two minutes, abruptly ended bang on ten!

I like the diversity of the band, the electrical elements are subtle so it's not as in your face as it can be such as in industrial metal. You can feel the band want to push boundaries. In fact, boundaries don't exist to them, if it feels good they will do it. They don't shy away from being light and bouncy and getting gritty and heavy is a natural part of the process. The musical isn't being experimental and intelligent just for the sake of it, there's a time and place for everything and the band have got it just right.

beer beer beerbeerbeer

This is a promising band, much potential can be seen in this release and I look forward to the new material. You can get a glimpse of that and buy this EP here:



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