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the colour line

The Interview:
Xander: I'm here with The Colour Line at Tech Fest, lets get introduced!
Hi I'm Sam I play guitar
I'm Sam I play guitar X: Two Sams??
Usama, like the terrorist but spelt different I'm Sam, the vocalist (laughs)
We've got a threesome of Sam's
X: Well this is going to get a bit confusing, how do you tell each other apart?
I'm Sam (GS = guitarist) and he's Sammy (VS = vocalist) and he's brown Sam (BS)
X: Well as long as there's no brown notes
VS: Haha we love brown notes!

X: Well I've seen you guys for the first time today and I don't know anything about you. The first thing that hit me was the energy and how similar to The Dillinger Escape Plan you are. Obviously you're gonna hear a lot of that and I don't think you're a rip off, though obviously an influence and you even slipped a little snippet in at the end, so how do you differentiate yourselves from them?

GS: We've got a nice mix of the tech aspect and the punk aspect. We don't set off to be like Dillinger or copy them or anything like that.
BS: They are an influence obviously but none of us really listen to a lot of metal, we use a lot of Latin
GS: And Samba. We just sort of write.. VS: Let the fingers do the talking!

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X: You had a few bits of covers throw in the set too, The Darkness?!
GS: How that came about, we used to do 'Sweet Child O Mine' (GnR) in that little bit "dur der dur dur Der du" but ended up putting all sort in cuz no matter what it always fits in there. So at the minute it's The Darkness.
X: So you're fans of TD?
GS: Not really.
VS: I love them! Justin's an amazing vocalist and they're really fun!
BS: I'm not a fan but I'd like to see them.
GS: Our original vocalist when to one of the dates on their arena tour and Justin went around the crowd on an inflatable Tiger or something, I would have loved to have seen that.
VS: I wanna put that in our set!

colour line

X: You guys are very energetic - what's the craziest thing you've done?
VS: Ummmm… crowd surfed on a sofa, broken bones during the set; I've had two broken feet.
BS: I've taken a cut to the temple when I got a bass guitar to my head. It didn't stop bleeding but I just carried on all the way.
VS: I've taken a guitar to the back of my neck which led to a concussion during the set and I couldn't see boobs which really upset me.
GS: We actually have a video of him completely zonked out with his eyes going all over the place.
X: So you had girls at the gig? That's nice, makes a change.
GS: Yeah it sometimes happenes, thats what we like to call the "Clit in the Pit"! (laughs)
X: You should put that on a T-shirt!
VS: It always seems to make people smile :)

X: Describe your music in three words?
BS: Harsh
GS: Loud
VS: Energetic

X: Where are you based by the way, I've noticed a northern accent there...
VS: Hull. Actually in our last song of the set it's got some lyrics that we ask the crowd to repeat to us "I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for my sins". Which I seem to think I'm pronouncing quite well. But no matter what people come back with "I'm burning, I'm burning" and I say no, I said "I'LL burn"
X: Oh, even just now I've got that wrong, I thought how are people getting this wrong and I've done it myself! (laughs)
VS: Haha yeah it's my broooad accent!
GS: We actually posted on Facebook yesterday about southerners not understanding out accent so we're making a comprehensive guide. X: You can put that on the back of your T-shirt! My old band had a list of the venues we were banned from!
GS: That's a good idea, we're officially band from the entire city of York and a venue in Cambridge. And We get quite a few warning before we play at venues, Here at Tech Fest we got an official warning.
VS: Yeah I got out of the van and I heard my name being shouted very loud so I went over, and I got shouted at very loud! lol X: Wow so this is a regular thing then?
GS: Yeah cuz we're very energetic. It's not like we're trashing venues or anything but there's quite a few venues that, not that they don't understand it, but they're not into it as much.
VS: We always show respect and if we do break something we'll replace it.
X: That could be your disclaimer on the T-shirt; "Will pay for damages"! (laughs)
GS: You're full of idea's, wanna be our merch guy!?

colour line

X: So what music have you put out as a release?
VS: We have one EP called 'Riff City' which we released last November.
BS: We had a live EP which was before that but that was just a sort of demo that didn't get put out on CD.
GS: We've been writing the past six months or so and we're going to do another EP probably in November, maybe December.
X: Ah a christmas bundle with the t-shirt!
VS: A bundle of joy!
GS: That will be our first release with Destroy Everything who we just signed to a couple of months ago. We're actually the only band on there without a release or even a video so it will be good to get something out.

X: What song would you choose to do a video for and if you had the choice what would it be about? VS: This comes up at least once a day and we have so many silly ideas. Even on the way last night a circus idea for Colonel Saunders flying mchine.
GS: Every time we pass something on tour be it a lake, circus, zoo, casino...
VS: Yeah lets do that! But it's just escalating and escalating. We almost got a burlesque dancer. And people would watch it as well not just for our music, cuz they like boobs.
X: And you can get away with it, it's not dirty it's classy!
VS: Stay classy San Diego!

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X: Right here is the pop quiz!
If you could be a woman for the day, who would you be? (no pause)
GS: SCARLET JOHANNSEN, without a doubt and I would insert every phalic shaped object I could find in the house.
VS: I'd be Kate Beckensdale. She has smashing boobs and she's a little bit chavvy-esque? I like that kinda feel to her.
X: You like chavs???
VS: Kinda
X: Or maybe you could knock it out of her, oh wait you would be her
VS: Yeah I'd just beat myself up
BS: I'd be Jessica Rabbit, I've just got a thing about her. She's not real but if she was - PHWOAH! Childhood fantasies, you'd watch it and think yeah! Ariel!
GS: Louis Griffin is a fox!
All: yeah
VS: We'd all agree on Louis Griffin.

X: Your house is on fire, what one item do you save?
VS: I hate this question - probably my insulin! And I've got this thing at home, it's an ornament kind of giraffe. So I'd save Gerry the giraffe!
X: How tll is it?
VS: Probably about four foot. So he keeps me safe at night and tucks me in and stuff.
GS: Probably my laptop because everything is connected to that.
BS: I'd want to say my DVD collection but it's so big, so probably photo albums notes from people, personal stuff you can never replace.
GS: Actually yeah, I've got every ticket from every gig we've ever played so that would be good to get. But that's two things.
X: I can let you off with that as they're small and if they're close by.
GS: You can get your second giraffe!
VS: Actually I'd get my Arnie collection (does an Arnie "aiieeeeee")

X: If you were a superhero, what would you power be?
GS: To tell people to fuck off without consequence.
VS: No Consequence!
BS: I wanna stop time, then whoever fucks up on stage I can go and punch them, and go back and they be like "oh my face" (luaghs)
VS: I want the power to be able to shoot lasers. Have you seen the video for The Damned Things with the guitars with lightening coming out of them, that would be good. Essentially Thor without the gay hammer. Or Cyclopse!

X: Jager or J.D.?
BS: Jagermeister
GS: Jagermeister
GS: I had a terrible experience with JD when I was 16 and haven't been ale to drink it since, I'm now 23!
BS: Gin is my favourite Jager substitute
TCL: Cygaberg! (?)
VS: We've got a thing for gin and we call it gincidence, or ginicide.
GS: Yeah when you get heroically drunk it's a gincidence, and if it's even worse it's ginocide. And if you get hurt it's a gincident.

X: What shampoo do you use?
GS: Aussie
VS: Great shout on the Aussie cuz it smells like bubblegum!

X: Who has the smelliest feet in the band?
TCL: Coogan! (Drummer)
BS: It's horrific.
VS: You're sat n the other side of the bus and can be heaving.
GS: He doesn't think it's that bad

X: Who snores the loudest?
GS: Usama!
VS: Basically sleeping next to him is like sleeping next to a helicopter taking off. It's horrible, it's so bad. Last night I got half an hours sleep.
GS: But we've resorted to punching him to stop. We discovered stroking his beard works and last night we found out that just prodding him works. But I'm just going to carry on punching him.
VS: Yeah the punch works more for us.
BS: And I just sleep through it all!
VS: Last night I was slept three tents over and he still kept me up. It's like some one put Henry the hoover on your ear!

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X: Favourite pizza?
BS: Meat Feast or chirizo, massive chirizo fan.
GS: Spicy chicken with big fat green chilli's.
VS: I'll go with meat feast with jalapeña's and chili sauce cuz I'm a spicy kind of guy.

And the ultimate question; What's your favourite cheesecake?
GS: You know that Peter Kay sketch "cheese and cake?" that put me right off!
VS: I did not know that about you, we're not friends any more!
BS: I'm a raspberry fan! Cheese is nice, halloumi. Halloumi and diet coke is the greatest combination in the world!
X: What, in the coke like a coke float?
BS: I don't know, that could work?
X: That could be the logo on your t-shirt
GS: This guy is full of ideas!
VS: We discovered that eating cheese before you sleep gives you the best dreams in the world!
X: What do you mean you discovered it? Everybody knows that!
VS: Oh, well I didn't know. I just though wow!
BS: We have a group message on iPhone and we'll get messages from him in the morning.
VS: I saved the world from a tsunami and then ate swans at a Little Chef.
GS: You can always tell when he's eaten cheese!

X: Awesome guys, thank you for your time!

The Live Review:

Fuck me, I did not expect to walk into this! This band were jumping everywhere with awesome rapid guitars and drums smashing out. I usually wait a couple of song until I start photographing a band but I had to jump straight in with these guys, I didn't want to miss a single thing! The vocalist was literally rolling around in the dirt with passion, the guitarists loving their music so much they were going mad! It was really fun to see guys loving their music so much and putting so much hard work into rockin it - if the drummer could run around playing drums I bet he would!

The guys were throwing their guitars in the air, hitting the cymbals with them, running around, laying on the floor and speakers, jumping in the crowd, the drummer banging guitar strings whilst playing drums - I'm getting out of breath just writing about it! These guys are the kind of band everyone wants to see live and quite frankly if you ever turn down the opportunity to see these guys then you're a cunt! Even if the music is not quite your thing, just go to enjoy the show, they're not to be missed! ★★★★★

The EP Review - Riff City

So as previously mentioned, this band is going to wreak of The Dillinger Escape Plan, so what we need to do is get our heads into the mind frame that this is a style of music, other bands can play too!

So yeah rapid crazy guitar riffs and melodies and jazzy breaks downs. It's pretty fun actually and more coherent than other attempts of crazy music. To me it comes across more thought out rather than concentrating on remembering the crazy timings of a section.

'Colonel Sanders Flying Machine' is a great track to kick start the EP off with, showing the versatility of the band. The changes of sections aren't too abrupt and instead mould into each other rather well. The guitarists make good use of scales, and in 'Sunshine Adverntureland' you really get a taste for how rapid these guys fingers can move! The bass line is pretty clear too and doesn't get lost in any of the noise, yet not over powering, but providing a solid groove along with the riffs.

The vocals are mainly shouting but with a strong meaning behind them, listen to the breakdown in 'Mariachi Firing Squad', just wow! Also listen to the drums in the crescendo, they're pretty tasty. The drums are pretty solid and speedy throughout, but not your typical basic hit things to the beat of the guitar, some kick ass rhythms are banged out. Again go back to track one and listen to them, sick! ★★★★☆

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Have a listen on the bands Soundcloud [] until their debut EP on Destry Everything appears!



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