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'Turisas 2013'
(Century Media)




We all know what Turisas sound like, beer fuelled power folk Metal tales from the north to a bouncy rhythm; well get ready for a change because there is a disturbance in the force and the band have outflanked our expectations of another typical folk album!

'Turisas 2013' sees the band take on a new approach and you hear this instantly, that's not to say the band have changed style or sound as an outfit, it's more in the attitude and outlook of the songs, if you like; they've matured.

But this isn't a gimmick or a new direction and I actually think this works really well as I am about to tell you.

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As the album title suggest, some tracks are inspired by the current affairs and they are all based on what they say is their more organic side to coincide more with their live sound, it's still large but more raw and in your face. Had the band slipped one of these songs (in terms of style not by lyrical content) into a previous album, it could easily have been lost as a uninteresting b-side, it would have been out of place - especially with all previous albums having been concept albums, and could easily have been placed on the dislike pile of tracks.

Instead, these more "serious" tracks work very well together and form a cohesion allowing you to hear these tracks in a better context and so I think these will stand well when performed live against the other typical bopping bouncers, especially due to the epicness and grandeur of the tracks.

Fear not for the loss of the quirkier side of the band, this is not the end of Turisas as we know them, nor is this a complete turn of the back to their past. With a new line up their sound is still there and there's still some tongue in cheek tracks, for example; 'No Good Story Ever Starts With A Drink...' but what these new musicians have brought with them as a lot more power, a new groove and a new dynamic with the drums and bass and the first inclusion of keys for a while adding to the wall of sound.


So onto the tracks, 'For Your Own Good' starts us off, without any warning you would not expect to hear a song like this from a band like this, it's more of a hard rock track, but now you have been warned so the shock won't be so harsh. 'Ten More Miles' gives us a bit more of a taste of what we'd expect, but with the mature sound and an epic movie ending. 'Piece By Piece' again with the serious atmosphere, epic movie scale of sound and a massive male choir.

'Run Bhang-Eater, Run!' see's the return of the sounds we know and love but zorba'd up! Speed ensues with an orgasmic breakdown, literally - there is a woman letting out moans of pleasure! A good warm up for 'Greek Fire', man this is powerful, I can't even do this justice so I'm not gonna try, seriously go listen, its more complex than you'd expect and the vocal bellows are haunting! 'The Days Passed' is more power pop with a wall of sound that I could imagine ABBA doing this if they were metal (and that's not an insult, I'm quite partial to a bit of Swedish pop, ahem anyway...)

The obligatory drinking song does exactly what you'd expect so no disappointments in the penultimate track which briefly features umpa lumpa's, leading us the the fanale 'We Ride Together'. With a Mexican-esque/spaghetti pre-intro crescendo to a full on movie score of folk power Metal, it's actually a kind of cheesy uplifting comradic track but it works really well the arrangements doesn't flow over the top.


And there you have it, 40 minutes of grand battle Metal. Only nine tracks and yes a little short, but good things come in small packages and I tell you, I've had this on repeat all week! A brilliant effort with full marks for both the songs and quality of musicianship!

Turisas tour Europe on the awesome Heidenfest in late September and early October and return to the UK in mid October

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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