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'One One One'
(Indie Recordings)




From the go you're instantly hit by the furious and energetic noise of Shining, a genre defining outfit melting jazz and dark Metal into the sound known as 'Black Jazz', also the title of the precursor of this release.

'One One One' however, is less avant-garde and more synthpunk and this allows for an easier listen and much more enjoyability.

As much as I like Shining, the previous album was a little hard to listen to and so this is a welcome breath of understanding.

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The point of 'One One One' was to have a set of songs that stand out by themselves, hence the title, whilst remaining in keeping together as a whole with a focus on fun.

Well Shining have achieved what they set out. They could have easily fallen trap to overdoing the sound and had a monotonous sound track to wanting to rip yours ear drums out - thankfully the 'full' 35 minutes is an enlightening journey of crazy riffs, intense vocals and stunning sax, enough to wake you from the dead.


The most outstanding tracks are 'I Won't Forget', 'Off The Hook' and 'How The Story Ends'. 'Walk Away' kicks off with a pleasant resemblance to 'Refused' and then it's over. As quick as it began, it ended.

If you don't already know what to expect, imagine a mix of Pendulum and Mindless Self Indulgence, but with jazz beginnings in the development of the style of black jazz along with an insane distorted saxophone.


And so there you have it, a bopping nerve jolting attack of energy by a sound called black jazz by a Norwegian band called Shining.

Catch them live too, a sight to behold and never forgotten!

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