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The first thing I'm struck with is that we need to define a new sub genre, yet another!

There's a few bands about stemming from melodic death Metal and power Metal with the likes of Scar Symmetry and Sonic Synidicate etc, so I guess what we're looking for is melodic power Metal, right?

So let me introduce to you, hailing from Finland, Mekanism! They tick all the boxes, melodic, powerful, Metal, bouncy, poppy, Nordic, and for the girls, some eye candy! Though still independent, the band have been breaking ground in their home country and recently released a video for the title track of the EP.

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It's pretty good actually, for an unsigned band you wouldn't expect something at this quality, it's quite like Sin City; dark and soft. (note; it is a lyric video). See it here:

'Live And Die Today' has a slight ballad tinge to it and a proper rocking solo from lead guitarist JV and displays the strength and vocal abilities of Criss Valley, where as ' Ruler Of Ashes' shows off the tightness and chugness of the rhythm section and drummer Ace's flair with cymbals.


Just shy of fifteen minutes, the three track EP is a good sign of things to come and I see no reason this band shouldn't soon get up there with the likes of the bands aforementioned, getting a good deal and appearances will hopefully coming flowing to the Finnish act.

Get involved and lets see them grow!

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