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(RoadRunner/Nuclear Blast)




I'm a fan of Satyricon, but I can't proclaim to know literally everything about them, but they're black metal right? Different to the norm, yes, and probably why I like them. But this album is doom, pure doom!

Heavy, dark, ominous, dischorded, slow. I really didn't see this coming. In fact the intro and first track, 'Tro og Kraft (Faith and Power)' are a little disappointing start to the album, not shit tracks but it doesn't entice you in, it throws you off more than anything. However, 'Our World, It Rumbles Tonight' gives us a taste of what we're used to, thundering and chugging along like a steam train.

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'Noctunral Flare' starts off doomy and then kicks into the sound and tone we love of Satyricon where as 'Phoenix' has singing! The vocals, curticy of Sivert Høyem of Madrugada, in fact make this track almost a ballad - of black metal sorts. It's certainly a brave step to take, there's going to be a lot of haters out there, but I for one like it, it's a great track and stands out on the album for me. I am starting to get the tiniest hint that with this album that maybe they have been a touch safe, it is rather relaxed in comparison to previous material...

Oh I spoke too soon, 'Walker Upon The Wind', oh hello old brutal friend. Well then this album is quite a varied mix. The cohesion isn't too great if I'm honest, the flow is very jaggered. No gentle river here, this is a ride on the rapids and right now we're on the haunting eerie dark rocks! That's not to say any of the tracks are bad, you just can't guess what's going to come next, not that you'd want a predictable album though!


'Nekrohaven' makes me smile with Frost's quirky drumming, a more upbeat track for the album. The next few track pass by with the same doomy death tones and then just shy of an hour, it's over. I am left slightly bewildered, I like this album, but, there's just this but. But what, more? perhaps. More balls? More out there, I'm not sure. This my take a fair few more listens to feel comfortable with it and really suss what it's about.

To be honest this review probably doesn't help you decide too much really does it! But you've got an idea of what to expect right? I think some of these tracks would probably slide in quite well to the live set (didn't manage to catch them the other week or at Download this year). It's not all bad, I almost feel like it's a test - dare I like this too much!?




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