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Doom ahoy! I didn't see this coming at all, having heard the single 'Boneflower' but I think that's a valid enough excuse to be forgiven.

'Moonhorse' strikes in with the gloomy discord of doom and a rockin solo at a mega eight minutes and 42 seconds and actually sets the tone for most of this release as all but 'Pandora's Egg' and 'Boneflower' are in suit. Mostly a slower pace Heavy Metal doom, like a gloomy version of The Devils Blood, however that is not to say that the attitude is depressive.

I still feel slightly uplifted whist listening; the context tells a story and the composition is in depth with chord structures and melody patterns long with subtle effects and changes.

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The production is not over polished, which I think is a pro as it feels more real and makes you feel involved and enveloped, like the tracks are wrapping around me. Such as 'Avatarium', the chanting, church organ and guitar riffs build around me lighting up my imagination with stormy clouds and Fantasia.


'Boneflower' I love. Certainly the pop song of the album when in comparison but in it's own context a more heavy metal psychedelic track and actually the shortest track of the album at five minutes 26 seconds. The album is all in the same key and tone, whilst not monogamous it is on the bearable side of repetitiveness, some parts sound familiar, like you have just heard a section in the previous song, but really all this means is that it needs a few listens to remember each track individually - no easy feat with the length of these tracks averaging just over seven minutes!

The good thing is that these songs are all enjoyable to nod along to, something that's great for background music for atmosphere, calming yet determined for driving to and brilliant for drinking at home alone to chill and space out to. 'Tides Of Telepathy' proves this well and actually I'd like the guitar solo to go completely over the top and last another couple of minutes instead of the fade out.


The album ends as curiously as it starts. 'Lady In The Lamp', whilst starting slow with just vocals and piano, whilst long I suddenly find myself at the end with yet another heartfelt solo and powerful undertones.

Whilst the Swedish band are barely even a year young, the experience and quality booms through with guitarist Marcus Jidell of Everygrey, bassist Leif Edling of Candlemass, drummer Lars Sköld of Tiamat and Dr Carl Westholm, keymaster of Jupiter Society and Carp Tree mixed with the bluesy vocals of Jennie-Ann Smith makes for a winning combination.


I don't see any reason for anyone not to like this album and let's hope they get over to the UK soon for some live appearances!




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