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Oh how I love Týr, so I perhaps went into listening to this album a little too eager!

With a large dose of hard rock shifting the balance of the folk metal, I feel this album is a little light, especially with the placement of 'The Lay Of Our Love', featuring Leaves Eyes vocalist, Liv Kristine, (I think a later placement in the latter third of the album would have been better).

So I have waited a little to write this review, so that I get just the right feeling - and that time has now come..!

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Listening in a new light the familiarity of the tracks and that brilliant Týr sound is much more appealing and I can't stop bopping along whilst air guitaring and drumming! The guitar solos are pretty phenomenal in every track and I'd basically be writting the track listing for the album if I was to point out the tracks with awesome solos.

And it doesn't stop there, the drums chugging along get your heart racing in that pumped up viking metal way. Also, check out the drum pattern in the middle of 'Grindavisan'; simply inspiring.

The vocals, as always, are simply astonishing, the levels and layers of harmonies are sung with such precision and display the unique timbres of lead vocalist Heri and the low vocals of Terji Skibenæs.

The overriding theme of the album is women, "you can't live with them, and you can't live without them" kinda thing. My favourite lyric; "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..."; these men are certainly singing from experience and you feel their emotions throughout. The native tongue of Faeroes makes an appearance, 'Fanar Burtur Brandaljod', for instance and as just mentioned, you can go with the emotion of the song without having to know the lyrics.


We finish off with two bonus tracks, covers of Iron Maiden and Pantera. Completing the quadology of covers from each members favourite band is bassist Gunnar's choice of 'Where Eagles Dare' and the track suits Týr's style perfectly and like most other Maiden covers, I think this is also better than the original and with the taste of Týr sounds great!

Guitarist Terji's choice of 'Cemetery Gates' is a brave one, many other bands have covered this track and failed but Týr have managed to stand tall and pull this off, more of a straight cover without changing much so if you're not gonna make it your own, you gotta do it damn good. Mission accomplished, especially with all the layers of guitars at the beginning and again, the solos are outstanding.

And there we have it, an hour of awesome folk metal that should be in your lives! And whilst you're at it, get the back catalogue too!




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