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This week sees the sensational Scandinavian outfit Amaranthe hit the UK shores for their headline tour so Xander got in touch for a quick pre-tour Q&A!

Xander: Hello Amaranthe! Who am I speaking to?

Amaranthe: Hello there, this is Johan, the bass player.

Xander: So this year is already so busy for you, where to start?! Well right now you're on tour around Europe and the UK, happy to be back on the road?

Johan: We're always happy to be back on the road, it's what its all about... touring, meeting people, play live music! Of course it's not easy all the time but we goddamn love it ;)

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Xander: You've also got a Swedish tour supporting Sabaton with D-A-D and supporting Within Temptation in the states later this year, so where in the world is next to hit?

Johan: Well... there is a lot in the making for us this year and some things that I unfortunately can't talk to much about as it is right now. But great thing is lurking in the background so just sit tight :)

Xander: I spoke with Kobra And The Lotus last November and they had fond memories of touring with you, in fact, Jake became their tour manager! Who's touring with you now?

Johan: Right now we're in the middle of out first ever headlining tour across Europe and we decided to bring two bands that are great friends of ours, Smash Into Pieces and Deals Death!

Xander: Next, there's your videos, great videos to watch, but your top four (The Nexus, Burn With Me, Amaranthine and Hunger) have scored almost 16 million views, that's astonishing!! What's your secret?

Johan: Hahaha... I could tell you but I would have to kill you straight away! haha!!! No... seriously... I think our "secret" is that we dare to go all the way in and make this full production action like movies, not too many have done that and when it comes to us we simply wont do anything halfway, it's 110% or not at all!

Xander: The production and scale of your videos is pretty big, and very well done, how much input do you have with them in terms of the story lines?

Johan: We are the ones who make the storyline together with Patric (the director) so we have 100% influence in the making of them!


Xander: I thought that you are a Swedish but it turns out you're also part Danish! Esbjerg is on the opposite side of Denmark to Sweden though, so how often do you all get together to write/jam/hang?

Johan: That's a good question with a simple answer; we don't! Thanks to the hi-tech society we send audio files back and forth and it's every members responsibility to practice on their own! And it works very good for us apparently!

Xander: And you also have three singers!! What's the creative process for writing and sharing the lyrics?

Johan: Everyone has a saying when it comes to that. The fullest right to write lyrics and change them a bit so they fit everyones personal way of singing.

Xander: You have now just announced that you will be releasing your 3rd studio album at the end of this year! What can you tell us about that?

Johan: I can say that it will be a little different then the first two but there will be no hesitation that it's a AMARANTHE production.

It will simply be an album that I personally think that we will have a lot to gain from in the sense of breaking new grounds and introducing AMARANTHE to a new and wider audience!

Xander: There's no title given yet but the image given does have the number three, is that a clue?

Johan: haha yep, it's out third album... but the figure number three doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming title.

Xander: And finally, you have a documentary coming soon too! Is it covering the beginnings of the band up until this point?

Johan: It cover the past and the making of Amaranthe as a band, how it all started and also you will be invited to previously unreleased behind the scenes footage! So you all can see and get a feel on what we've been up to and how it's like to be on the road and so on.

Xander: Is it part of a special kind of package? How will it be available to watch?

Johan: It will come as a box with a photo booklet and there is information on our Facebook/webpage!

Xander: And just in case - is there anything I have missed out?..

Johan: Nope... don't think so...

Xander: Awesome, thank you for your time and have an excellent tour!

Johan: Thank you and take care!



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