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'Jesus Walks'
Release Date: 10th September 2012


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lostprophets jesus walks

'Jesus Walks' is one instantly catchy song. Let us not forget that the prophets delayed their last album - 'Weapons' - specifically for this song's inclusion as Ian Watkins thought there was a lack of a 'power sing along' for fans, so 'Jesus Walks' was created and included at the last minute.

Understandably, Lostprophets fans have been suitably appreciative of Ian's decision and creativity and this song is acclaimed by many fans as one of their favourites. Apparently the band all love the song too. So, its a good news song that has met the big expecations that were created with it.

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The song itself is based on the idea of a 'happy accident', where a bit of lateral thinking can change unanticipated bad luck and thwarted plans into a triumph.

It starts with the familiar blending of the lead and rythmn guitars of Lee Gaze and Mike Lewis and then moves quickly into sing along chorus territorty led by Ian.

The song is upbeat, the feel is dynamic and the arrangement is clear - guitar, brief lyric, mega massive chorus, guitar, brief lyric and back to the mega massive chorus with a rythmn that goes faster than a Ferrari.

My opinion - get a glass of wine, chill out and sing along - this was written to make you feel good!!

The video was filmed in the Californian desert and was directed by J.J. Moffat.

Lostprophets are:

Lee Gaze – lead guitar Mike Lewis – rhythm guitar Ian Watkins – lead vocals Stuart Richardson – bass guitar Jamie Oliver – keyboards, synth, piano, turntables, samples, vocals Luke Johnson – drums, percussion



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