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Well, lucky old me, I have just had an opportunity to interview band of the moment GypsyHawk, which is a huge privilege as I have just recently reviewed their new album 'Revelry And Resilience' which was pretty damn fine. So who are they and what do they have to say for themselves...

Hi Eric, can you introduce Gypsyhawk to the MetalTalk readers, please?

Eric: "Yeah man. My name is Eric, I sing and play bass. Andrew Packer and Erik 'Ronald Kirkland Houser' Kluiber are on blazing lead and rhythm guitars. And we have Ian 'P.P. Rider/Gian/Pepsi Tomatohead' Brown on the thunderous drums. That's it. Is this what you wanted?

Yes thanks, and for those who don't know what y'all look like – there is a piccie above.

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How did you come up with the idea of the band?

Eric: " was stoned. And me and this dude, Greg, who you don't know, were talking about cool sounding band names. I'm pretty sure every thirteen year old kid does this kind of shit.

How would you describe the Gypsyhawk style/sound?

Eric: "Um, cool. And real. I like to fancy that I translate "soul" into the music I write, which probably falls way far from what I want, but whatever. So, let's say soulful and fuckin' fun."

How different was it recording 'Revelry And Resilience' to the recording process for your first album, 'Patience And Perseverance'?

Eric: "Not that different, other than the line up. We recorded with Zack and he fucking RULES shit. Having Ron Houser and P.P. Rider ALWAYS makes for a better time though. I love those dudes."

Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come up with? Some artists say they start with the lyrics or melody, never the bass line mentioned yet oddly...

Eric: "No, it's whatever. Seriously. We're not real organized."

Do you have a favourite track on 'Revelry And Resilience'? If so, why?

Eric: "I like 'Silver Queen' a lot. It sounds super radio poppy to me for some reason, but it's still grooves and shakes.

Do you have any all time favourite albums or songs?

Eric: "The Blood: 'False Gestures For A Devious Public'

Puke: 'Back To The Stone Age'

Thin Lizzy: 'Johnny The Fox'

Deep Purple: 'In Rock'

One Common Voice: 'S/T'

Any memorable band experiences that you would like to share?

Eric: "Fuck. Maybe? If I could ever remember. We mostly just do that dumb "you had to be there" kinda shit.

What is planned next for you guys? Will we see you in the UK soon?

Eric: "We're tourin' with The Sword in October through December. That's a real tight fucking deal. I wish you'd see us in the UK. Ask Metal Blade to send us, they have all of our allowances. But most likely you'll see Ron Houser getting arrested somewhere."

So thats it Gypsyhawk fans - if you want to see them on tour let Metal Blade know. Here is a clip of them live, just so we all know what we are missing out on...

...and to rub salt into those why can't we see Gypsyhawk live in the UK wounds...

Any messages you would like to pass on to the readers?

Eric: "Stay high, get drunk, get laid and be excellent to each other."



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