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On the day that Antropomorphia released their new album, 'Evangelivm Nekromantia', was lucky to bag this interview with them. Read on for information on the new album, what its like to be long standing contributors to the death Metal scene over three decades and perceptions of romance.

Hi how are you all doing?

"Everything is going well, we feel excited because today was release date of the album, so we are glad the album is out there."

Yes thanks, and for those who don't know what y'all look like – there is a piccie above.

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What's new in Antropomorphia's world?

"Not that much has changed besides the fact that we all got older although we still feel like we are in our 20s. We still have a genuine heart for death Metal and we have been worthy enough to ink a deal with the mighty Metal Blade."

How is the new album going down with your fans?

"I'm not really able to say yet since the album has just released today but the response to the released singles and the video have been mostly positive... so I hope the album will get the same response."


You have been active since 1989 - how has Antropomorphia evolved as a band in that time?

"I think we matured as a band, we all grew as musicians and there's a progression in terms of composing our music."

What changes have you seen for better and worse in the music industry over that time?

"You know there's always gonna be something, I try to stay away from the business side these days, I just want to make some sick and twisted music that people enjoy."

What defined differences are there in musical style between 'Bowel Mutilation' and 'Evangelivm Nekromantia'?

"There's more groove and less doom influences, we sound like 2012 instead of 1992. We didn't want to become a copy of ourselves from that time. we took the decomposing skeleton that we created in the early years as a base platform and enhanced that sound with a genuine foul raw groove."


You seem to have an underlying tendency to want things to be romantic or romanticised in your music and art - is this intended?

"Well when you call fucking corpses and waking the dead from their eternal slumber because you can't live without them romantic... then yes. 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' could be called a romantic story in a very twisted and sick way that is. In short it tells the story of the two women featured on the cover of the album; the love and perverse sexual relation between these two females in life and beyond death.

"How one get's brutally murdered and the communication with her spirit evolves in having her corpse around for everlasting love."

Which other musicians influence you?

"Mostly my other band members, I'm more influenced by bands in general than individual musicians. My early inspirations were; Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Death, Infernal Majesty, Slayer to name some."

How did shooting your video in Leipzig go - did you get to meet any fans, how long were you there, what was the concept for the video, who else was involved?

"When we talked about recording a video we approached Maurice Swinkels of younique film to do the shoot and he came up with the location, we looked here in Holland but every time there were these rules and regulations that kept of from using a location, due to building regulations or for working with animal blood. So we ended up recording in Leipzig because we could do whatever we wanted and Maurice already was familiar with the place, we took the drive of six plus hours and we shot the video in like four and then drove back another six plus hours. We didn't meet any fans and we didn't really have time to linger around.

"We wanted to tell a little about the story of behind the song, you see the necromancer from the story performing a rite for her death loved one; she embodies one of the main characters of 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' (the woman on the left on our album cover)."

What is your all time top five favourite tracks and why?

"I always hate these kind of questions because there is so much great music out there but I'll try to name five in no particular order.

"'Service For A Vacant Coffin' – Autopsy, one of the sickest bass sounds ever and just the whole groove of that track. Just a sick fucking track.

"'Enter The eternal Fire' – Bathory, from the opening riff you are hypnotised by the groove and just the whole feel it.

"'What Dwells Within' – Bolt Thrower, I remember buying that album and hearing this track for the first time, the riff slowly draws you into the track then the double bass parts kick in and when the track fucking rips you another.

"'Baptized In Blood' – Death, it was my first death Metal record I bought. I use this track as my alarm so I wake up every morning to this one. Death in general is just one of our influences, that's why you see three skeleton spiritpriests in red and one in purple on our album cover - it's our tribute to scream bloody gore.

"'Necromantical Screams' – Celtic Frost, like all of the above this album is just amazing in whole so I could have picked any track of it. I like the groove the whole theatrical aspect of the track.



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