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'The Art Of Troublesome Times'
(CD Baby)


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don gallardo

Don Gallardo is another Nashville based musician who finds himself quite comfortably demonstrating all the skills needed to be successful within the Americana genre. This is a genre where blues meets rock meets classic 70s rock meets folk whilst staying pretty much guitar orientated at all times.

The trick with this genre is to produce something that sounds familiar yet is unique and Don has definetely achieved with his latest offering the 'The Art Of Troublesome Times', his third studio album.

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This album is much more classic 70s rock meets melodic folk in some places but the guitars (and a little bit of banjo and a little bit of mandolin) are king here and the offering is very listenable and quirky.

Standout tracks are opening track 'Sinking Ships' and 'Broken' which you can check out here:

1. Sinking Ships
2. Hey Julia
3. Broken
4. The River And The Promise Land
5. Bluebird (feat. Jill Andrews)
6. The Ohio Goodbye
7. Paper Heart
8. One Of These Days
9. 13 Blackbirds
10. Burgundy Wine
11. I Get Lost (Every Moment with You)

Don is supported on this album by How Far West who are: Travis Stock – bass, vocals; Clint Maine – guitar, banjo, vocals; Joe Andrews – guitar, mandolin, vocals; Andrew Squire - drums.

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