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Lucky Metaltalk has had the very wonderful opportunity to catch up with one of the best known Indian Metal bands - Devoid.

Starting out when the Metal scene in India was beginning to look to its own to create new energy within the genre, Devoid are a distinguished and well loved live act with two excellent offerings to their name so far. They are busy and they are talented so... what's up with Devoid?

Hi there Devoid and welcome to MetalTalk - how are you just now?

"Hey we're glad to be here! The band is doing well even though Bombay is getting unbearably hot. We just released an EP titled 'The Invasion' on February 3rd and are finishing up the gig season with shows promoting it. We also just released a music video for the third track on the EP 'The Brahma Weapon' and we're extremely happy with the way it's turned out and the response that it received.

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Tell us about the new EP?

"'The Invasion' is a concept EP based on an alien invasion by the gods on earth and it's our next release after our debut album 'A God's Lie'. The response has been great so far, better than we expected to be honest. As for the recording process, this EP was a completely DIY release. The label that Devoid was earlier on Demonstealer Records shut down and so we decided to do it ourselves.

"The entire album was recorded and produced by our vocalist Arun. The funny stories that have happened during the tracking process are too many to enumerate, but thankfully we have a lot of it on camera and hope to do something with the footage."

Tell us about the visual creativity that accompanies your band the visual effect is very clear – is this important to you and how do you go about creating this?

"We strongly believe that professionalism on social media is something that every band who wants to make it big should look forward to. As for us we have a company by the name of Blazed, which is run by our manager Roydon Bangera and Akhila Shankar who take care of all the online and PR related work for the band. It is seen from their work that they believe in being professional, so what if its just a photo that has been uploaded on the internet, it speaks volumes from the band's perspective and that extra effort must definitely be taken into consideration."

What else is planned for you all just now?

"Well the gig season comes to an end very soon which is actually good for us because this gives us more time to write for our next release. We haven't yet decided when the release will be though. It could either be a full length album in 2014 or an EP in 2013 itself."

What is the music scene like in Mumbai just now?

"Well its safe to say that Mumbai is the unofficial Metal capital of the country. A few established names in the scene here are Demonic Resurrection, Bhayanak Maut, Scribe, Zygnema, Gutslit, Providence etc. Other bands like Undying Inc.(Delhi) and Inner Sanctum (Bangalore) have also impacted the scene massively.

"Quality of the bands has been a game changer considering the last 7-8 years. Bands have started representing the country abroad by playing prestigious international festivals and are doing a good job at it. This has really inspired the younger generation and more and more kids are starting their own Metal projects.

"The Metal scene is definitely on the rise and we're proud to be a part of it. But there is a downside. Mumbai is deprived of performances by international Metal acts thanks to the utterly ridiculous entertainment taxes. Most of the international acts either perform in Bangalore or Delhi and so Metalheads in Mumbai have to travel huge distances to watch their favorite bands.

"This requires money and hence people have to be very selective about the shows they go for. Apart from that, the Metal fraternity here in Mumbai is closely knit. Members from almost all the bands are good friends with each other and are constantly challenging each other musically which only helps in the evolution of the scene."

What are your all time favourite top five songs ever?

Slayer: 'Dittohead'

Slayer: 'Angel Of Death'

Hypnosia: 'Extreme Hatred'

Cannibal Corpse: 'They Deserve To Die'

Decapitated: 'Spheres Of Madness'

Watch Devoid's first ever video, 'Brahma Weapon', a song from their latest release, 'The Invasion'.



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