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'Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin' (SSLYBS)


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SSLYBY - Phil Dickey, Will Knauer, and Jonathan James recorded 'Fly By Wire', their fourth album in the attic in Knauer's parent's house in tribute to the experience of recording their first album, 'Broome' there many years ago.

They have created ten self penned tracks totalling 31 minutes. It is listenable; very listenable. It is Sunday morning perfect; an art form in itself.

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1. 'Harrison Ford': No death defying musical stunts here. Soft breathy vocals meandering across the backdrop of a soft piano. On a Sunday morning it would read – "I want to wake you up without scaring you", which is always a good starting point to any day.

2. 'Young Presidents': Quick rhythmic intro, hand clapping (lots of) breathy vocals and a mild touch of Mammas and Pappas style collective chorus. Very listenable, strong melody.

fly by wire

3. 'Cover All Sides': Melodic intro with a slide(y) guitar, vocalisation gentle but strong with a good chorus.

4. 'Lucky Young': Funkier intro, breathy vocals again against a horror movie style of sound from the keyboard.

5. 'Ms. Dot': Smooth, slow and mellow.

6. 'Loretta': Guitar lending itself to ukulele in style – enjoyable and listenable.

7. 'Bright Leaves': Straight into vocals with light uke twinkly guitar notes, lightly collective chorus.

8. 'Nightwater Girlfriend': Very, very odd title but a twinklesome, listenable song with some gentle riffs in a Brit pop/rock style.

9. 'Fly By Wire': Sadly couldn't unlock this one to listen to.

This is a gentle, mellow album with every song a good listenable one, some of them blend into one another but that is the overall style of the album. There are many points where this sounds and feels familiar with elements borrowed and integrated from Scritti Politti, The Cure, The Mock Turtles, a later, more confident era The Beatles, with The Verve and Supergrass.

In fact most of the songs also combine variations on a theme from 'California Dreamin'' by the Mamas and Papas. It is a good combination.

Apparently the band "strive to emulate the multi-layered pop of the 60s and 70s" and combine this with "the pop-punk power chords from the late 1990s their brains were wired to love as teens." The listener can only conclude they have been successful in crafting the sound they wanted to create.

The album will be available on CD/Digital, 180-gram coke bottle clear vinyl with a gatefold jacket and collage-style pull-out poster, a special limited edition red/white vinyl exclusively for mail-order, and red cassette tape.

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