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'Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations'
(Comatose Music)

Sam Shepherd

sam shepherd

Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations

This debut album from Engorgement might be a little short – in fact, it's more of an EP than a bonefide long player – but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in impact. A quick gander at the artwork (mutilated female corpses hung up like wallpaper) instantly brings to mind the imagery that graced the early Cannibal Corpse albums and serves as a fairly clear pointer as to what Engorgement are all about.

Gore splattered death Metal is perhaps unsurprisingly the blueprint for what Engorgement does and they do it well, rarely straying from the well worn (left hand) path. With members drawn from Gore Sanctum, Embryonic Depravity, and our personal favourite Disgorged Prolapse, there's a considerable history of full on mindless carnage to draw on.

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As might be expected from a record entitled 'Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations' this is not exactly a comfortable listen. Only an album called 'Haemorrhoids Burst With A Blunt Knitting Needle' would cause a greater amount of shifting in the seat. Maybe next time.

As for the music itself, it's all fairly standard fare. There’s an occasional blast beat, and raw brutal riffing that chugs at a fairly steady pace through out without really ever changing up (or down) through the gears. This is in fact the only real let down with '...Lacerations'. There's not enough change in pace and dynamics to really distinguish the songs from each other.

That said, 'Paraplegic Punchbag' does manage to skip between tempos and drop a bundle of pinch harmonics into the mix, making it perhaps the best track here, although the closing sledgehammer riffing of 'Full Body Prolapse' is undeniably good brutal fun.

'Cranial Devourment' also has its breakout moments, but 'Fornicating The Disfigured's' unrelenting grind just becomes a little tedious after a while.

James Murphy's vocals are something of an acquired taste. With no lyric sheet, it's impossible to know exactly what he's grunting about, but going on song titles alone, it's fairly certain that there's nothing in here about fluffy rabbits or profound heartbreak.

With no range to speak of, his style is essentially grunting, growling, and possibly puking indecipherable filth epithets.

There's something disconcertingly wet about his delivery that sounds like a bath full of throat oysters being drained from a rusty tub into a pipe system built from human bones; fortunately this fits Engorgement's style perfectly.

This is not the most original of debuts admittedly, but it is well executed, finely produced and suggests that there's a lot more to come from Engorgement.

If they can change the pace up a little and mess with their dynamic range a little, they will be nothing short of devastating. For now though, this is a solid, grime encrusted album which wears its death Metal influences with pride.



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