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'Northern Horizons' EP

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

kids cant fly northern horizons

Kids Can't Fly's uplifting pop-punk continues to be catchy as hell and just as enjoyable as their back catalogue.

The 'Northern Horizons' EP sounds familiar but is unmistakably Kids Can't Fly with their horn section that sets them apart from similar pop-punk bands. Frequently likened to Four Year Strong and Fall Out Boy, it is clear they have taken influences from these bands but put their own twist on it.

The first of four tracks, 'Esmeralda', is the catchiest song on the EP but only marginally, and sees an array of breakdowns, hooks and harmonies that will stay in your head for days. The sing-a-long chorus is sure to be a favourite live, especially as it's bouncy and easy to dance to.

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'Stick To Your Guns' is the heaviest song on 'Northern Horizons' with the horns taking a temporary backseat allowing for more weighty riffs, but they are not totally left out, with a solo before the final chorus. With the theme of the EP being self acceptance the lyrics are encouraging, stating: "Take the world in your stride" and "Stand out from the crowd".

Although the element of fun runs throughout 'Northern Horizons' it is most prominent on 'Happily Never After', contradicting its title. The horn line at the beginning is lively and is sure to boost spirits, or maybe even console. The off-beat chorus makes the track stand out as something a bit different but still adds to the party theme of the EP.

The melodies in 'No Matter What' are infectious and seem to come so easily to Kids Can't Fly with no song failing to deliver. A sprinkling of breakdowns and fast paced tempo makes nodding your head to it irresistible. As with all the songs, the lyrics are sincere and easy to believe.

'Northern Horizons' is worth purchasing, if only for the smile it will put on your face.



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