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'Chasing Boats' EP

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

Thousand Autumns Chasing Boats

'Chasing Boats', the second release from Thousand Autumns, comes after highly praised EP 'City Of Sun' in 2011. With four killer tracks it has whetted the appetite for a full-length album.

When opening track 'White Compass' explodes, it initially sounds like While She Sleeps with the shouted vocals and thunderous riffs, although it takes a different direction after the first twenty seconds. Their melodic lines can easily compete with those of their peers – Exit 10 and Mallory Knox for example – and can be heard throughout the EP without sounding as though they are repeating themselves. Passages of storming riffs are followed by more serene moments showing how Thousand Autumns can combine these contrasting elements to create a complex song, weaving together seamlessly.

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There are parts of 'Mud' that rage with chaos, showing Thousand Autumns' heaviest side, which is definitely a positive. Having a massive chorus makes it the most memorable on the EP. In general, although the clean singing and shouting fit well together, the vocalist's clean singing is much stronger.

The lead guitar elevates to the centre of attention at the beginning of 'For You' and leaves an obvious absence, but soon returns for the emotionally charged chorus in which it contends with the vocals to be the most powerful. It finishes with a monstrous riff that sets the tone for next song 'Chasing Boats'.

'Chasing Boats' is at first fast and heavy with gang vocals being used to a greater effect. The mood of the last segment of the song is hypnotic with the focus scaling down to just the drums, before each instrument is gradually introduced again without changing the calming atmosphere.

Closing the EP in a more restrained way than it opened with prolonged chanting, the memory of the 'Chasing Boats' EP lasts much longer than it would have if it had come to an abrupt end.

The EP leaves you craving more, but 'Chasing Boats' shows that Thousand Autumns' debut album will be massive.



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