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Sophie Colson

sophie colson

embrace the tide distances

Fans of Shadows Chasing Ghosts and Glamour Of The Kill take note, as new band Embrace The Tide pack breakdowns, brutality and bounce in their new album 'Distances'. Having formed in 2009, the UK five piece bring their melodic Metal with a hardcore edge to an ever expanding scene, but boast songs that can contend with leaders of the same genre.

The heaviest song on 'Distances', and the only track with no clean vocals, 'Heartless', begins with the vague sounds of a war zone that lead up to shouts of "You're fucking heartless!" It is a brief look at Embrace The Tide's most ferocious side and it looks good.

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The finest song. 'Another Time, Another Place', and one of the first to be released in advance of the album, sees a range of vocals from growls to high-pitched melodies that infiltrate into your long-term memory. It is the most energetic track and can be predicted to be a crowd favourite live.

'Reflections' features Rich Lardner from Odessa whose voice complements that of Embrace The Tide vocalist Chris Weaver. The less frenzied interludes of the choruses give brief breaks throughout while Rich and Chris share lines in the verses. The experimentation with two different vocalists contributes in making the song one of the best on the album.

The explosive and stuttering outset of 'A Path To Follow' leads to a chorus where the mood becomes more melancholy. It feels more meaningful than any of the other tracks and the emotion is intensified by Ollie Bennett's precise assault on the drums. It is familiar sounding but instead of this giving the impression of being repetitive it helps to become more acquainted with 'Distances'.

The album is a promising start and 2012 looks set to be a big year for Embrace The Tide. If you still want more and are inclined to some pop goes punk-esque covers, you should also check out their version of 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars.



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