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'Bury The Ones We Love' EP
(Metalbox Recordings)
Release Date: 29th October 2012

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

Soldierfield Bury The Ones We Love

Lying on the border of hard rock and Metal, newly formed Soldierfield boast debut EP 'Bury The Ones We Love' showing off all the musicians' talents from the recognisably strong vocals of Leigh Oates to the heavy, head banging riffs of Andy Trott.

'Bury The Ones We Love' starts with a piano intro that leads into the main chunky riff, quickly followed by an elevated chorus. With the title track usually being one of the highlights of a release, it may be predicted that they have started with the best first, but you couldn't be more wrong as the rest of the EP continues to be just as powerful.

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The energy in 'Feel Alive' changes in intensity giving an unpredictable edge that makes it more enjoyable. The move from verse to chorus is smooth and effortless as the vocals escalate to become more dominating.

The speed Metal influenced intro of 'Leave You In Dirt' leaves behind the heaviest tone in its wake, which makes it even more surprising when the peaceful piano and string led mid-section emerges.

The acoustic guitar parts in 'Skyflower' give a gentle and relaxed element to the song, a contrast to the other tracks. Leigh's ranging vocals are beautifully showcased on the EP, with him adopting a softer tone that is used throughout this track, and is one of the highlights of the EP. Following it, 'The Path' is a mix of shouted verses and thumping drums. Ending with an acoustic riff, the song is brought to a subtler end.

'Bury The Ones We Love' stands out from the artists' previous work in bands such as Order Of Voices and Rise To Addiction. The melodies are stronger and there is an overall sense of it being a more accomplished offering. It also offers a glimpse of every side of the band - sensitive and acoustic, speed Metal riffing and forcefully memorable choruses, each aspect being equally successful.

Soldierfield have plenty to contribute to the current Metal scene and this EP should see their full-length album be a highly anticipated release.



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