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Sophie Colson

sophie colson

don broco priorities

Seeming to burst onto the scene with instant success, it is hard to believe 'Priorities' is only Don Broco's first full-length album. Initially releasing three track EP 'Thug Workout' in 2008, after which they appeared at Download Festival in 2009 and a run of shows supporting Enter Shikari, they gained further recognition after mini album 'Big Fat Smile', and by the end of 2011 they already had three UK headline tours under their belt, as well as a second performance at Download and a slot at Sonisphere Festival. Now they have finally released what people have been anticipating.

Opening 'Priorities' in their trademark energetic fashion, the title track is a mighty start with an unforgettable chorus. The intro has a bounce and groove that can be seen on following tracks, while the guitar riffing really makes the song. One of the many highlights of the album is 'Whole Truth' which would be the song that encompasses Don Broco's sound over their three releases. It has the upbeat, feel-good feeling that they emit even if the song topic is not particularly cheerful, as well as great big hooks they never fail to deliver.

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'You Got It Girl' reins the tempo in temporarily with Rob's vocals being softer while Simon's bluesy guitar solo complements the stripped down backing and vocal harmonies. The pace picks up again with 'Back To School', which is overwhelmingly memorable, and 'Actors', where the alternate vocal lines of Rob, and drummer Matt, in the pre-chorus offer a unique dynamic to the song, giving the album a solid, intense ending.

With it's instantly accessible pop-rock, it would be hard to find anyone that hasn't fallen in love with it after a listen through. Having the combination of songs that are no longer than just over four minutes, with simple but massively effective structure, it is unbeatable.

'Priorities' is highly addictive and there's nothing you can do about it. It will get stuck in your head and you will have a different favourite everyday.




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