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  COLT 45
'Inside The Triangle'
Release Date: 12th November 2012

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

Colt 45 Inside The Triangle

Cumbria-based melodic punk band Colt 45 have delivered 'Inside The Triangle', the follow-up to their successful debut EP 'Chasing Yesterday', after which they played a slot on the BBC introducing stage at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend last year. Keeping to their successful formula, all fans are sure to enjoy it.

It is a deceiving EP, with the music itself feeling uplifting but with the lyrics covering topics that include the extinction of happiness; nevertheless it makes for an intriguing listen. This interest is captured right from the start of 'Think For Yourself... Question Authority' starting with a dialling tone and ominous ringing, before the song drifts through a passage of spoken word while waiting in anticipation for 'Everybody Will Let You Down'.

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A simple but effective chorus is the most memorable aspect of 'Everybody...' while painting a bleak picture of the future and giving you no reason to have faith in humanity, but still manages to be captivating and lively.

'Happiness Is A Dying Art' is reminiscent of the title track of the 'Chasing Yesterday' EP for the structure of the song, giving a feeling of continuity to the two EPs without appearing repetitive. It's a great example of why Colt 45 are instantly likeable – a combination of energy and uniqueness of their big hooks.

Amusingly titled 'I'm Drowning, Not Waving' comes in with a more relaxed pace. With the chorus appearing in regular waves, it is not hard to imagine the scene it depicts. Slightly extending the length of their songs on this EP allows the tracks to be sustained and appreciated for longer.

'Brick Wall' leans more towards punk rock – it's fiercer, faster and has furious drumming. Overflowing with vigour, it finishes the EP with a bang, making it hard to forget what has just gone before you.

'Inside The Triangle' is another short but sweet offering from Colt 45, treating listeners to just enough until they release a full-length. It is certain they are going to climb to greater heights after this release and deserve all the acclaim that comes their way.




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