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Bleed From Within + Crossfaith + Polar
Manchester Club Academy

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

Whie She Sleeps prove they are ready to headline bigger venues as they smash Manchester Academy to pieces.

Polar kick off the evening playing while the majority of people are still filing in. Even so, those watching seem to be converted to their hardcore punk, as they throw out hits including 'Armed To The Teeth', 'H.E.L.L.' and 'Tonight Matthew I Am The Batman'. It is only a short set but the impression they leave is apparent.

Not far behind WSS when competing for the most frenzied reaction from the crowd, Crossfaith cause quite a furor from the moment of their entrance. You could be fooled into thinking this is their headline show from the energy they are putting in and how the audience are feeding off it. The peak of their set is when they fire out a cover of The Prodigy's 'Omen' which everybody knows and has the whole crowd involved.

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It's a hard task for 'Bleed From Within' to follow Crossfaith's explosive set, but their assault is tight and impressive. Their melody mixed with brutality works well, and they provide a good mid point between the previous two support acts.

The wait is now over and it's time for headliners While She Sleeps to take to the stage. This tour is the first chance to hear many of the songs off 'This Is The Six' live and their set confirms the album was not formulated from luck, but genuine talent.

By the time they've left, everything that had lead up to their performance this evening is temporarily forgotten.

Beginning with 'Until The Death', which leads straight into 'Dead Behind The Eyes', you couldn't ask for a better start.

It's clear WSS are at their best when in front of a crowd and it's difficult to know who to watch as they all claim a space on the stage in which they throw themselves around. There are a pleasing proportion of songs from 'The North Stands For Nothing' to complement the new material and the interludes, which are a staple of their set, act as a well-deserved breather.

A high point is when they rip into 'Our Courage, Our Cancer', which brings a whole new depth of emotion, as does 'False Freedom' when vocalist Lawrence lets the crowd sing the clean chorus. Launching himself into the audience frequently throughout the set and relentlessly roaming the stage with an intense presence, he has become a compelling frontman.

When WSS finish no one has any intention of moving and chants grow louder demanding an encore. This comes in the form of 'Seven Hills' and proves be the song of the night by far, with guitarist Sean nailing the solo.

There's a reason most nights on the tour are sold out, including Manchester, and the rest are close to it. 2012 has been a monumental year for While She Sleeps and it has ended on an immense high.

Until The Death
Dead Behind The Eyes
The North Stands For Nothing
Hearts Aside Our Horses
Our Courage, Our Cancer
False Freedom
This Is The Six

Seven Hills



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