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'Take Your Aim'

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

everything burns take your aim

If you're a fan of Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Glamour Of The Kill or Bullet For My Valentine you'll find something to please you on 'Take Your Aim', the second album from Everything Burns.

Following a strong intro, 'Ghosts And Angels', the first single off the album comprises the best of their melodic choruses, hooks and breakdowns that give them the likeness of much bigger bands in the post-hardcore genre. Appearing familiar but at the same time still new, it will definitely be the song you will keep going back to after listening to the album.

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Next up is title track 'Take Your Aim', beginning with a gentle lullaby which is subsequently cut off by rampant guitars. At times it is predictable and clear to see who their influences are, and at some points feels as though they are trying to experiment with too many things in one song. However, the vocals have become much stronger than debut album 'Home' and the track retains the vigor and high energy the album started with.

'Interlude' is the first point at which it's obvious 'Take Your Aim' isn't taking the direction you may think. It seems unusually out of place and very much like the intro to a pop song, especially sandwiched between much heavier tracks. But while trying to distinguish its place in the album it's over almost as quickly as it started, and the guitars return.

It's hard to deny the energy and emotion that pours out of the songs. 'Battlefields' bursts with this, and is the song that could see them joining the forerunners of the genre if their next releases are orientated around their strengths in the track. From growls to the lung-straining chorus, the vocals suit it well.

Slightly reminiscent of the earlier 'Interlude', final song 'Whomper' relies heavily on synths during the intro, bordering on dance territory, but sheds this as it is replaced by heavier guitars. It then becomes fast paced with emotive undertones and a subtle bounce, which seems the perfect choice to finish with.

It's clear 'Take Your Aim' is a steady improvement on their debut, and 'Ghosts and Angels' is a perfect example of this. Don't ignore them because chances are you'll be seeing more of Everything Burns in the near future.

'Take Your Aim' is released in May via Meshhead.

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