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'The Prisoner's Dilemma'
(Self Made Records)
Release Date: 19th August 2013

Sophie Colson

sophie colson

i the writer

Melodic Metalcore with a myriad of breakdowns, I, The Writer's debut album 'The Prisoner's Dilemma' is sturdy with a heaviness that gives it a more Metal appeal. The London six-piece are to release their album next week, having recently signed to Self Made Records joining artists such as Burning The Day and Grey Goes Down.

'Forever...' opens the album, an instrumental that has a sci-fi film feel, but is rather uneventful. Things start to get more interesting with the following '...Falling To Pieces' which ruptures the outer space atmosphere with snarling vocals and an accelerated pace. However, the piano over the top can tend to sound mismatched in some places.

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'To Be A Man' is the first sign that I, The Writer could be more than just another average Metalcore band. The chorus comes in almost straight away, thrusting to the forefront a strong melody with the dual vocals working at their best.

The pace slows down when the second chorus is anticipated, and instead a slow halting passage takes its place. However, the speed picks up again and it continues to be one of the main focal points of the album. Further indications of this can be found in 'Faith You Breathe', 'Taken From The Teeth', and 'This Night Will End'.

'Taken From The Teeth', featuring Ricky Armellino of This or the Apocalypse, is distinctive from the others on the album. However, although the breakdown in the middle of the track fits perfectly, its effect is lost on the fact that there have been too many preceding it in other songs. Still, it's the most commanding and vigorous song on the record.

Interest begins to be lost during second instrumental and title track 'The Prisoner's Dilemma', but 'This Night Will End' greatly contrasts with it having aggressive vocals and abrupt, jolting guitars. The chorus is impossible to forget and is certainly a high point of the album as every aspect of their sound is at its finest.

There is an element of similarity between some tracks, for example 'Past The Void' and 'Standing Brave', but the stand out nature of songs such as 'This Night Will End' and 'To Be A Man' cause this to diminish in importance.

Finally, 'Standing Brave' finishes the album off with a thundering snarl and brings it to a definitive close.

Take the time to listen to 'The Prisoner's Dilemma' because it will really grow on you. When I, The Writer are at their best it is a rewarding listen and only increases intrigue in what future releases will bring.

'The Prisoner's Dilemma' drops on 19th August through Self Made Records.

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