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'World Of Colour'
Release Date: 28th September 2012

Ivan David

ivan david

silas world of colour

Silas present themselves as a band with a wide range of influences, seeking to merge groove, funk, blues and other styles over a heavy rock/Metal foundation, while injecting lots of melody and really catchy hooks to the whole recipe.

After this brief description, 'World Of Colour' would seem like an experiment in combining genres, but the guys in Silas make clear right from the start that they are indeed playing Rock music: Heavy, catchy and in your face.

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'Cause And Effect' kicks off the record with a bluesy riff that sets the tone. The chemistry between the musicians is very evident, with the instruments complementing each other and contributing to the overall vibe and heaviness.

The vocals are melodic and deep, approaching the lines and words with security and command and delivering verses and choruses with tons of emotion and expression. Rock bands from the nineties came to my mind at first, with the vocal attitude of acts like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, which is charged with a feeling that could be traced in the atmosphere created by Silas. But the plot thickens...

Deep rocking vocals, grooves, hooks, crisp production and everything is heavy and in your face, so... where's that mixture of influences and styles you were talking about?

Well... as the record progresses the band unveils those elements in a gradual way. Each song has a different value added to it and by the third track, 'Journey To The End' (my favorite so far) you've already been exposed to a wide variety of music styles that are presented in a very natural way due to the versatile nature of the musicians involved.

They go from heartfelt blues vibes to really ruthless and punishing Metal moments, just to indulge in more experimentation with each song that passes.

By experiencing the whole record you notice how daring the guys in Silas really are as songwriters and musicians, handling all the styles with technical ability and conviction.

Clean vocal melodies, growls, technical guitar solos, grooves and acoustic passages among many other things are approached naturally, showing that these guys are fans of musical diversity and genuinely inclined towards the many genres they include in their compositions.

The second half of the record turned out to be more interesting to me. However, by listening to it in its whole you really get the sense of what Silas is and what they are capable of.

By unveiling musical elements gradually, I felt that the band was leading me somewhere. Where? I really don't know but I'm more than willing to join Silas for whatever ride they will have to offer next time.




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