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Live At The Fox And Firkin

Ivan David

ivan david

After listening to Silas' 'World Of Colour' and writing a review for it, I had the chance to see the band live in a show arranged especially for the release of the record. I enjoyed 'World Of Colour' and was really curious about the live experience that they would offer, so I went to the Fox And Firkin last Friday to catch them and tell you all about it.

I wasn't aware of it, but the actual show had a lineup of four bands in total. Brightlight City opened the night with lots of energy, melody and catchy tunes. Their music is youthful and has a pop quality to it, which contrasts with the straight 'rock' attitude making things more interesting. They're obviously image conscious and I could see them captivating more and more people in the future. Check their stuff here.

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Next I got the chance to see Alternative rockers Bad Sign. With a solid rock foundation, strong and softer vocals here and there, the band delivered songs filled with pounding riffs and some cool atmospherics, thanks mainly to the wise use of guitar effects that created organic soundscapes.

Bad Sign was energetic in all the sense of the word, running on and offstage, jumping all over and basically giving everything they had. Itis obvious that they believe in their music, they were not overacting and were genuinely having a good time playing for the crowd. Pay them a visit here.

UK Stoner Metal kings XII Boar were next and yes, they were slow, heavy and dirty. Their music is direct, groove based with the Southern Rock vibe that you would expect from this kind of band. The vocals were distorted and raspy, and it was nice that at times they were shared between the bassist and the guitar player.

XII Boar gave a raw Stoner Metal performance the way it should be done, proving that they have the attitude and the means to keep the genre alive and well for the future. Their official site is here.

Last but obviously not least: Silas. They went onstage and it was obvious right from the start that people were there for them. The place was packed as they went through the songs of 'World Of Colour', playing FOR the crowd and showing that you can be groovy, intricate, mix a lot of genres and be fun at the same time.

They don't take themselves too seriously and dismiss all the Heavy Metal clichés in favor of just having a blast. They infected the audience with their vibe and Dave Runham proved to be a cool frontman, connecting with the crowd, captivating them and really interacting with them. The audience was 100% responsive and everyone was having a good time, jumping, headbanging, crowdsurfing, drinking large amounts of beer and basically raising hell.

In my review of Silas' 'World Of Colour' I mentioned that the record started with more straight forward and simple songs in order to become more intricate and complex later on. I found out in this gig that it was due in part thanks to the drummer and guitar player switching instruments.

I met the guys beforehand and thought I had a clear idea regarding their roles in the band, so seeing Tom - who I understood, was the guitar player - behind the drum kit was a bit confusing at first. Everything became clear when they traded places and the set dived into their more complex and busy material, adding a different dimension to the music but maintaining their identity, energy and fun attitude.

Is that a good thing? In fact, that spontaneity and versatile approach was what really got me into the band while listening to 'World Of Colour'.

Don't miss Silas if you have the chance to see them live! Read the review for 'World Of Colour' here.



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