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Live At Nabucca

Ivan David

ivan david

The best way to determine the quality of a band is by their live show, especially nowadays when recording technology offers innumerable tricks in order to make any band sound awesome. I guess record engineers and producers should have more spotlight, since in some cases they display more talent than the musicians themselves. And with live music gradually playing a more important role as record sales decline, people always insist on the live experience as a more appropriate reference point.

That being said, Kopperhed is an example of a real band, well rounded and strong in every sense of the word. The opportunity to check them out at the release of their record 'Malum In Se' On October 19th at Nambucca came at short notice, with just enough time to do a little research and check a couple of their songs. Their sound is straight forward, groovy and based on raw aggression, so the night was promising...

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Kopperhead assaulted the stage with full force. They are one of those bands that keep it raw with songs that focus on the heaviness by being groovy and increase the aggressive element with solid riffs. These guys have a very clear vision of their concept and sound, they only need one guitar player to blast your ears and everything is adjusted in order to be right on your face. They headbanged through their whole set and delivered their songs with high amounts of energy and enthusiasm.

Vocalist Low Reichert is an awesome frontman and does a great job being the main bridge between the audience and the band. His vocals were aggressive but with enough variation to make things more interesting by adding spoken bits, syncopated patterns and some melody.

Guitarist Low Reichert helped with backing vocals, but I wish his microphone was a bit louder in order to hear some of the arrangements more properly. His guitar work was great indeed, and the tight connection between him and the rhythm section of bassist Steve Russell and drummer Lex Gittens are evidence of the musical chemistry among the musicians in Kopperhed.

However, what made this show really great was not only the band but also the crowd. Kopperhed has managed to build a very loyal following and is clear that they not only enjoy playing in front of them but also having them as a part of the show itself. Inviting friends to sing on stage at the end of the show and having everyone involved is a sign of a band that wants to celebrate and share music with everyone and that is in this business for the right reasons.

The whole vibe was enhanced by fans that really believe in the band and have a genuinely great time seeing them live. Don't miss Kopperhed if you have a chance to check them, and definitively get their record 'MalumIn Se'. Killer sound and awesome artwork!

As a last note I have to confess that because of time constrains I was not able to see the supporting acts. I regret missing a band like Brutal Horizon; I did my homework and checked their music online. The contrast between their brutal approach, sense of melody and unusual ideas is very captivating and something I would really enjoy seeing live.

When I got to the venue I only got to check the last couple of songs of Holloway locals The Drej. Their Metal foundation is obviously influenced by Alternative Rock and Punk; their catchy/harmonized choruses and passionate delivery were really cool and set me in the mood for the night right away.

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