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'Tomorrow We Die Alive'

Ivan David

ivan david

born of osiris

I think the guys from Born Of Osiris nailed it on the head by choosing the song 'Machine' not only as the opener of their latest offering 'Tomorrow We Die Alive' but also as the first track released before the actual record.

I was excited after listening to the preview since I enjoy the dramatic power of film scores and from the start it is evident that this offering is soaked in atmospherics that belong in the score of a modern Sci Fi.

The intro of 'Machine' is eventually translated into the tech Metal/deathcore realms which are the basis of the band's music. However, the synth sounds are constantly present and one of the main aspects that differentiate Born Of Osiris from other acts of this style.

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Even if 'Tomorrow We Die Alive' has components that a lot of contemporary bands of this genre are relying on, the use of ambience is spontaneous and changes things significantly, allowing the record to gain a sense of adventure and great ambiance while still making you headbang to the riffs.

The atmospherics are added avoiding harsh contrasts and it is surprising how the music can take you from one place to another while keeping a sensible listening experience. Apart from the orchestrated sections, there are other instruments that give a subtle ethnic/eastern flavor to some passages and also more modern sounding parts with synth melodies and sequences.

Each song aims to be a journey of its own, and the complexity of the overall material makes everything pretty dense but also enjoyable thanks to the sharp production that allows every instrument to be heard clearly.

born of osiris

The dialogue between the vocals of frontman Ronnie Canizaro and synth/keyboard player Joe Buras is an important component of the band, which accents the sense of angst and drama of the songs. The clean vocals are good and delivered with a little bit of extra aggressiveness, which is always a good thing in my opinion.

I enjoy clean vocals a great deal and nowadays I prefer them over extreme metal growls, but sometimes bands come across sounding a little bit 'young' and a bit hollow while singing clean. The guys in Born of Osiris manage to keep the expressiveness and emotion during these parts, though.

The guitars are technically perfect as you would expect and apart from the pounding rhythms I really like the Soilwork-esquelead sections and sweep runs which have a more melodic focus and showcase the technical ability of guitarist Lee Mckinney.

I understand why 'Tomorrow We Die Alive' could be considered less daring than its predecessors according to what I've read online about the album, especially while comparing it to their previous effort 'The Discovery'. However, I believe the band managed to strengthen the dramatic effect with this one, opting for a selective approach and delivering a more cohesive record.

I think these songs can translate better in a live performance too, and it was cool to get a link to their video for the song 'Machine'. The upside is that you can see the band kicking ass in a live situation. The downside is that with this music it would be awesome to have something stunning and visually tasty in order to do justice to the sound. The video teaser was simple but very well made, interesting and it fit the music.

'Tomorrow We Die Alive' is an exciting record and I will be including these guys in my future listening sessions for sure. Check the band and their new video here:

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