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'Losing Light'
From Full Lengths To Individual Songs
Ivan David

ivan david


I recently got familiar with Chronographs after getting their latest track on my mailbox a bit ago.

The band are planning on releasing one song each month during 2014. Not a record, but individual tracks, so I had the chance to listen to 'Losing Light', a song that marks the beginning of the band's change not only in sound but also in the way they approach their audience.

Chronographs' latest offering, 'Nausea', injected their Tech Metal foundations with an emotional vibe, raw aggression and memorable vocal melodies. Check it below:

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Their new song displays a truly different sound. Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult to evaluate the band's progression by just listening to one new track instead of a whole record, but their new song 'Losing Light' says a lot.

The band has broken the mathematical basis of their Tech Metal roots and their performances have acquired a new level of versatility and spontaneity. Screamed vocals are non-existent (at least in this song) and clean singing is dominating the soundscapes.

However, Chronographs have managed to maintain their interesting technical foundation while breaking free from its rigors. Listen by yourself...

It would be interesting to see the reaction of their audience to these huge changes, especially since their guitar tones and heavy elements seem to be completely absent from their new sound. I personally think that heavier guitars would really add to the excitement, especially with the kind of chords and riffs that the band uses, but that could be just my radical Metal-head persona talking.

Anyway, I am up for looking at the results of individual songs released monthly and how that strategy would work with the current situation of fans' 'attention deficit disorder'. I think it's a universal thing though.

I've noticed film makers branching out to do TV series and add a more cinematic touch, embracing a more digestible format and adding the artistry of film to the media. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens to music in the near future.

Bands like Down have switched to releasing EPs instead of full length records and maybe individual tracks could become the standard soon.

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