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'The Hunter'
From Full Lengths To Individual Songs Part 2
Ivan David

ivan david


Chronographs continue their monthly song releases with 'The Hunter' after last month's track 'Losing Light', which was responsible for introducing us to Chronographs' new sound.

'The Hunter' reaffirms this switch from technical and aggressive Metal to a more balanced and versatile sound, with an emphasis on the emotional aspects that were subjacent in previous releases.

Screamed vocals were dropped and the technical approach serves a more expressive purpose.

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This track maintains the complex approach but is a little more straightforward in terms of structure. There is definitively a common sonic basis between the songs but Chronographs succeed in giving each one a different personality and creating different vibes and moments that are making this journey quite interesting so far.

Check 'The Hunter' here:

On my previous Chronograph commentary I mentioned my interest in this particular strategy of releasing individual tracks instead of full length records. I think it is a clever strategy and I can see more bands adopting this kind of thing in the future and getting good results from it.

Everything works as long as the band is working hard and making good music, and the guys in Chronographs seem to be on the right track.


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