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The Black Heart, London

Ivan David

ivan david


The Guys at Chaos Theory Music have distinguished themselves by gathering bands with a wider scope both musically and conceptually at The Facemelter.

Treating audiences to line-ups with acts that have strong links but are different enough to create a very interesting night. The Facemelter experience is always the same and always different, the same exciting vibe through a different musical journey.

On Friday May 2nd I went through it again at The Blackheart in Camden. Karybdis, Invocation and Darkeye were responsible for this particular experience and at the end of the night my friends and I started reflecting on each band. It was hard for everyone to pick their favourite act of the night, but everyone had a great time.

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South London Metallers Darkeye started things with full force. You could say that their thick and punishing sound is partly thanks to the fact that they use seven string guitars, but a solid bass/drums foundation is important and these guys have it.

The band first struck me as being raw (in a good way) and more straightforward, but during the set their wide range of influences started popping out of their sound gradually. Artists from Karnivool and Porcupine Tree to Strapping Young Lad and Opeth are mentioned as inspirations, but they incorporate these musical elements while keeping things pretty Metal and within their own sound.

The use of grooves, djenty riffs, doomy riffs and a touch of blastbeats generate an interesting dynamic that remains intense and relentless. These guys had the difficult task of getting the crowd going and they did a great job. Their bass player Jeff Barber stands out as being passionate and connected to the audience. Check them out at


Milton Meynes based Invocation followed and I was hooked from the start. They finished setting their gear up and all of a sudden the riffing and growling started, like if someone turned on a switch on their backs and they just went for it. Like that scene on 'The Deer Hunter' where the guys are quiet in a room, one of them playing the piano and then it cuts right to DeNiro burning guys in Vietnam with a flame thrower.

I have to say that Invocation was the band with the most energy and the most variety music wise. Their technical branch of Metal is focused on energy rather than the urge to display speed, ability or complexity and they create great atmospherics using synths from backing track and occasional jazzy interludes.

Their bass player came offstage to join the headbanging crowd a couple of times and I am pretty sure everyone's necks are in huge pain after their set. They gave everything to the audience, like it should be. Check them out at


Last in line were Karybdis, who took the stage and they were charismatic right from the start. I got acquainted with them thanks to last year's Tech Fest and it was really cool seeing them again. With a contemporary sound and a consciousness of traditional Metal, their riffs are intricate, distinguishable and catchy, with a great sense of melody and atmosphere.

They have some tremolo picking passages and also some fast thrashy moments that really grabbed me. The space between songs was filled by synth passages courtesy of a backing track, which I think worked very well and helped with their set being really cohesive.

The crowd was enjoying it a lot (lots of headbangers) and I got the impression that most of the people were there to see them. A great closure for another awesome night. Check them out at

The Facemelter is a monthly event. Make sure you catch the next one. Check the follosing links for more details:

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