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From Full Lengths To Individual Songs Part 3

Ivan David

ivan david


OK, we are now on part 3 of Chronographs' monthly song journey and 'Porcelain' couldn't be a better title for a song that pushes the emotional aspect of their music even further.

The song's subject matter and feel come as a result of vocalist Jon Sinfield's feelings about his grandfather's struggle with cancer.

"The song is about my Grandfather's battle with cancer and the effect it has on everyone around him. It's about war time resilience and the perseverance to continue a good standard of living without sacrificing dignity."

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If a band with this type of technical approach is capable of organic and intense emotion, then a song like 'Porcelain' should be brought as a prime example. Each performance is intricate and challenging but the way the different instruments and vocals complement each other is very well balanced and driven by pure feel.

There is a particularly technical guitar arrangement that is fast and very inspiring. Listen to the song and you'll identify it right away. Another interesting thing is the vocal department, both lead and background vocals create a musical dialogue and add a great deal of dynamic power to the song.

I already made a couple of observations regarding Chronographs' strategy of releasing a monthly track, which could be effective in fighting the 'fan attention deficit disorder' that people are talking about. Maybe they're ahead of their time; maybe they're being too adventurous. The final word belongs of course, to the audience.

Listen to 'Porcelain' here:

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