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'Flat White'
From Full Lengths To Individual Songs Part 4

Ivan David

ivan david


Chronographs are back with their fourth monthly single of the year.

After experiencing the singles from previous months the narrative has become more evident. The band are succeeding in capturing particular moments of their lives and portraying the emotional aspect of whatever personal situation they're involved in.

With four songs released you can look at the big picture more easily and see how the songs are acting as individual chapters of the same story.

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There is a huge contrast between 'Flat White' and their previous singles, especially last month's 'Porcelain', which was inspired by a moment of deep sadness and loss.

'Flat White' is the opposite, an upbeat tune product of joyful moments with a celebratory vibe and a positive approach. Structure-wise it is more straight-forward and simple, with individual sections remaining detailed and somewhat complex.


I always find interesting when musicians are able to translate their ideas to a simpler language, especially in the Progressive Music world. The vocal melodies are instrumental here, catchy and memorable as always but serving the 'summer' vibe of the song.

Chronographs are able to portray both sadness and happiness effectively and honestly. Their individual songs are different in feel and character but they are a product of the same collective mind. Different intentions by the same group of musicians. Different emotions from the same entity.

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