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'Age Of Sedation'
(Self Released)
Release Date: 8th August 2014

Ivan David

ivan david

no sin evades his gaze

The calm before the storm. A dramatic intro track dominated by synth sounds gives way to a relentless attack that will span over the 10 tracks that comprise 'Age Of Sedation', the forthcoming full length by No Sin Evades His Gaze.

A band that is quickly building a great reputation within the Metal community, promising to carry on forward with full force and without taking any prisoners.

The image of these guys facing a hurricane in their video for the title track 'Age Of Sedation' stayed in my mind from the moment I saw it. Now that I am being treated to the actual record I have to say that I was hoping for a bigger experience of that confrontational spirit/in-your-face attitude of the single and they don't disappoint.

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No Sin uses 'Age Of Sedation' to make a point musically and conceptually in a very effective way and now (I believe that) I understand the band a little bit more.

Concept-wise the band's aggressiveness seems to emanate from the repercussions of a controlling society and the passive and apathetic attitudes of the individuals under control, acting as the sonic boiling point or the musical equivalent of a violent retaliation. The name of the band, the title of the record, the artwork... everything seems to connect.

no sin evades his gaze

I get images of intrusive surveillance, control mechanisms, the obeying society of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, always under constant sedation.

Bands like Pantera, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God and Born Of Osiris are part of the 'for fans of' list when talking about the band's sound and aesthetic. Words like 'technical', 'aggressive', 'melodic' , 'djent', 'groove' and so on are mentioned as well.

That's accurate of course but a proper listening experience of 'Age Of Sedation' will present the added value that the band pours on the whole concept, not in terms of individual elements but in the way those elements are presented, developed and expressed.

no sin evades his gaze

Spotless technical execution? Yes, but without downgrading the heartfelt aggression that inspired the songs in the first place.

Melodic emphasis? Present as well, but more as a means to creating an atmosphere and a well-balanced sonic landscape.

The intense parts give way to brief pauses creating a proper narrative (punch in the face, fist goes back, punch in the face again, repeat), so dull moments are avoided due to the general dynamic and overall texture.

The most interesting aspect of tech bands seems to be the rhythmic aspect and this case is no exception, but here the creative process seems to be versatile enough to allow them to aim their rhythm basis towards a more headbanging effect while still keeping their patterns interesting.

no sin evades his gaze

I could keep writing about individual moments, musical elements and lots of other good things about 'Age Of Sedation' but it would get boring after a while and the sooner you check this record out the better.

Make sure you also check No Sin Evades His Gaze live, since they are taking part in various festivals this year including Bloodstock Open Air and Tech Fest.

I sign off by mentioning that the artwork was created by their frontman James Denton. I like when artists go beyond music and take part in other aspects such as visuals (Tool's Adam Jones, Dark Tranquillity's Niklas Sundin to name a couple of examples) since I consider it a sign of commitment and passion.

Preview the record by clicking here.




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