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I didn't know much about Clive when he showed up at our rehearsal studio asking for a job. I thought great, somebody else to fill up the Green Goddess when she ran out of fuel.

I should have known better, because it was the fuel in Clive that drove the band.

Corny maybe, but when you think back to those days, Iron Maiden were doing OK, but when Clive joined the team, they got better and better.

He first showed up just after Dennis Stratton joined and being at a loose end, I made it my job to look after Clive and make him feel at home, and although we never completely saw eye to eye, I think I did my best for him.

For the best part of two years, I did everything I could to keep him happy. I made sure his laundry was done, I kept his kit clean, picked up his supplies, ordered anything he needed, and kept him in order, if needed.

Clive had a great sense of humour too, and loved to do his impression of David Bellamy ("grapple me grape nuts") or repeat Derek and Clive live, word for word.

The last time I saw Clive was about three years ago, when I was asked to help out on one of the Clive Aid gigs at the Royal Standard, E17. At that time, I hadn't seen him for 25 years.

What I saw in the wheelchair that night was not Clive Burr. The Clive I knew would have jumped up and punched me.

Clive was a lovely guy to work with, but sadly is no more. Rest In Peace.

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