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Metaltalk is delighted to bring you the official channel for Headbanger's Kitchen and hosted by the best known Metal artist in India - Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection/Workshop/Reptilian Death).

6 March 2014: Part Eleven: Uncle Sunny's Mac n' Cheese With Albatross
15 January 2014: Part Ten: Voodoo Mutton With Niklas Stalvind And Simon Johnsson From Wolf
1 December 2013: Headbanger's Kitchen Launches Crowd Funding Campaign
25 September 2013: Part Nine: Bevar Battered Fish And Chips with Tartar Sauce With Ganesh From Bevar Sea
5 August 2013: Part Eight: Black Label Chicken Curry With Randy Blyth Of Lamb Of God
28 May 2013: Part Seven: Modern Ma-Quiche - Goddess Gagged
8 May 2013: Part Six: Undying Meatzza With Shashank And Reuben From Undying Inc
10 March 2013: Part Five: Djentlemen's Roast Chicken - Amogh Symphony
21 February 2013: Part Four: Paneer Parathas And Mutton Kebabs
30 January 2013: Part Three: Chicken Piccata
17 January 2013: Part Two: Bhayanak Bacon Bombs And Cheesy Potatoes
7 January 2013: Part One: Demonic Hamburger


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