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It's been a while since we heard from our Syrian Metal brothers Anarchadia. The situation in their country has been well publicised and has impacted heavily on the band.

Nour, Abo Louh, Siam, Sami and Alaa's debut album 'Let Us All Unite', including 'True World Order' featuring Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, has finally been released by Metal East Records and it includes 10 tracks. The album is now available online for free download and can be heard in full in the player below.

The band finished recording and mastering in Syria before fleeing their homeland for the somewhat dubious safety of Lebanon.

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We'll be bringing you lots more from Anarchadia in the near future. The band are currently keeping a low profile as they need to avoid being vulnerable to exploitation or kidnapping.

So until the next update, have a listen to 'Let Us All Unite' right here.

Hail Anarchadia!

You can donate to charities trying to access and support those who are vulnerable in Syria as a result of the conflict.

Donate UNHCR

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