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(Sky Rocket Records
Release date: 7th October 2013

Liz Medhurst

liz medhurst


'Origins', the second album from Lancaster based Metallers Promethium is well worth checking out. This follow up to 2011s 'Welcome To The Institution' rocks, it flies, it draws you in, asks for your attention and entertains you but never outstays its welcome.

The riffs and driving rhythm on this album are a real strength. The vocals are nicely rough around the edges and this suits the songs perfectly, with a combination of solid rock vocals mixed with metalcore screaming - which reminds me, I must revisit some early Trivium.

The production and mix is clean and clear with layering at just the right depth with no element either dominating or getting lost.

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The opening track, 'Won't Break Me', is defiantly triumphant and sets the scene with power riffs, intelligent solos, a tight arrangement and great vocal lines. I was exuberantly singing along to this on the second listen and hopefully this will a staple in live shows.

The ten tracks have plenty of space and room to breathe and there are enough smooth gear changes through tempos and small breaks to keep the momentum going. The highlight has got to be 'Rain', with a melodic start, a punchy main riff, a catchy hook.

There's not actually a bad track here, there's coherent songwriting, tight performances and well thought out arrangements. If I were to be picky I would say that easing up on the screaming would be no bad thing – on occasions it feels out of place, like on 'The Hunted' when it doesn't add anything and a clean vocal would have been more effective, but still, there's nothing really to complain about, relatively speaking.


The final track, 'Origins' is a short instrumental outro that starts with a thunderstorm and leads into some gorgeous mellow acoustic guitar. It is a lovely end to the album, and although I was expecting this to be a long epic as the start had all the hallmarks of this, the sedate finish actually rounded off the album well, a very nice touch and very pleasant surprise.

It's admirable that the overall running length comes in at forty minutes, resisting the temptation for bloated, overlong albums just because it's possible.

I really like this album. It has energy and makes me smile when I hear it. A classic Metal album that is produced well - that will always be welcome in these parts.

Track Listing:
Won't Break Me
The Art of Hurting
The Hunted
Plagued By Evil

Line up:
Gary McGahon – vocals
Dan Lovett-horn – guitars
Rossi – guitars, backing vocals
Adam Hargreaves - drums

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