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'Sata Kaskelottia'
(Inverse Records)
Release Date: 1st January 2015

Roger Berzerk Fauske

Roger Berzerk Fauske

Sata Kaskelottia

Sata Kaskelottia, another band from what is fast becoming a hotbed of Metal, Finland, have their debut album released on the first day of 2015.

They are heavy and guitar-driven quartet formed in 2011 in Helsinki, with a mix of strong elements of stoner, sludge and progressive Metal in their style but, as they say, in the end of the day it's all about writing original rock music.

For those who like to dissect lyrics, you are going to have to be pretty well versed in Finnish as the lyrics are all in their native tongue, but the lyrics are an important part of the package and from a personal point of view, bands that sing in their own language are to be commended.

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Musically it is a very up front album in style and impact, not surprising given their influences and there are elements of punk that come out, especially in the first track 'Huuto'. It isn't necessarily the musical side, but that attitude is most definitely there and mixed with their style it gives even more impetus to the bludgeoning in your face style.

'Yo On Ohi' actually has traces of some Sabbath-esque riffs, in full flow before the vocals come in getting their message across, menacing, growling their way. There is a lot of passion and emotion in the vocals even without an interpreter on standby. As they say, music is a universal language. The mood of this one is a lot darker, menacing and full of doom, lifted by some nice guitar and vocal interplay towards the end of the song.

'Ikuturso' carries on the work of what had gone before, more crunching riffs encouraging, persuading the vocals, almost a battle of wills between the two – its safest to call it a draw. Some interesting riffs and change in balance of the track hit after the halfway mark before the now familiar vocal style piledrives its way forward. But the change in tempo with the softened guitar parts gives it a whole new feel, and one I like.

'Veden Alle' heads off in a different direction, although it still packs a mighty punch. The vocal melody is, well, more melodic and less straight at your throat than the previous tracks. Don't get the feeling that it's safe to come out and a mellowing metamorphosis is under way, it's just a different approach and it does go back to the more familiar tones in the latter half, but it works well on both counts.

Sata Kaskelottia

'Kynto' comes out of the blocks off with some gentler guitar, but cleverly still doom laden in its message and it leads perfectly into the heavier grungier sound that cranks out soon after. It isn't as straightforward as that though this time, there are a lot of shifts whilst keeping the same mood, but musically it is a clever and very well written song. This one has many levels to it and shows what the band is capable of.

'Suljetun Huoneen Samurai' brings the bludgeoning back in no uncertain terms. Grinding, throbbing, pulsating into your core, it is more straight up but does exactly what it says on the tin.

'Jumalan Aani' introduces some riffs more atuned to beefed up rock of the classic variety before Eetu Kauppinen brings his familiar brand of vocals to bear, but again with some interesting guitar play behind it, especially the bars before the solo. It is very heavy again yes but influences abound of another side totally and the two almost opposite forces combine very well together.

'Kansalainen Zombie' explodes with pounding drums and battering guitars. Some cool drum patterns litter the track, as its darkness is put across as much by the instruments as the vocal. A powerful belter, incessant backing giving it turbocharging.

'Merimies' is the closer and starts again with some thoughtful slower guitar work with underlying grimace, vocals arrive purer than we have heard before until it all launches in a more familiar direction, although not identical to anything that has gone before. This again has some good songwriting behind it, the phrasing more than simple, very guitar driven and again multilevel construction. There is room for one more surprising turn as well as the more classic oriented riff makes a comeback. A good way of finishing things off, a track filled to the brim with differing styles and moods.

So that is that for the band's debut and a good debut it is. There is enough in here to keep a lot of people happy, and there will be different tracks appealing to different moods and music that talks to more than your ears is always a good thing.

Keep your eyes on this lot, and your ears too, as I am sure you will be hearing more from them. The one criticism I would have is that when they let everything go, the result is a very impressive one, but it doesn't happen enough. But as far as criticism goes, that is very minor – I just get the feeling that they aren't far off writing that standout epic that will catapult them into higher echelons, in much the same way Helloween came out with Keeper of the seven keys (the song).

Eetu Kauppinen – vocals and guitars
Matti Kangaskoski – guitars and vocals
Jukka-Pekka Kupi – bass
Ville Salonen – drums and percussions

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