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'The Chaos Engine'

Peter Ellis

peter ellis

designs of chaos

'Chaos Engine' is the debut E.P. by London based Metallers Designs Of Chaos and it is a solid effort.

Everything that you could expect from a modern London band's E.P. can be found here (Lamb Of God inspired guitars and vocals, technical drum playing, etc.) but at the same time that is, in my opinion, what is hurting this release.

There is simply too many bands that do exactly the same thing in the scene and it is so hard for any of them to stand out and make a real impression.

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My other problem is that the production is mediocre at best, especially the drum sounds. Overall, the songs are decent, the playing is great but I feel there is something missing.

I think that catchier choruses and a better production would give Designs Of Chaos the edge that they are currently missing, with that said I am sure that most Lamb Of God fans would enjoy 'Chaos Engine' so, if you are one, I would recommend checking out this E.P.

designs of chaos

Vocals: Jay Shields
Drums: Chris Crammond
Rythym: Dean Robson
Lead: Richie Symons
Bass: Scarthee

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