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andy millen

Hi, my name is Andy Millen, I play guitar badly, listen to music a lot, write things and sell houses for a living. But enough about me, what about the column?

I have a lot of things lined up, interviews, reviews etc from bands and musicians focusing on the emerging talent in rock and metal from Pakistan and the Middle East amongst other things – and hopefully introduce you to a variety of new bands from rock to doom, from bands recognisably western in style, to bands fusing metal with more traditional music and instruments.

2 October 2014: Interview With Demios: A Metal Band Surviving Within A Taliuban Insurgency
5 September 2014: Karachi Butcher Clan: 'Headhunter's Glory'
5 September 2014: Aliaj: 'Scar/Wings'
22 June 2014: Interview with H From Acid Reign
17 June 2014: Hellfest, Islamabad: Open Air Theater, Lok Virsa, Pakistan
10 June 2014: Boris The Blade: 'Human Hive'
12 May 2014: Revontulet: 'Hear Me'
23 April 2014: Tabahi: 'Tabahi'
4 April 2014: Bidroha: 'Suffer To Death'
25 March 2014: Massacre: 'Back From Beyond'
25 January 2014: Throwdown: 'Intolerance'
11 January 2014: Jehangir Aziz Hayat: 'Above The Fray'
5 January 2014: Slaves Awakening: 'Prison Of My Mind'
13 December 2013: Interview With Blackhour
29 November 2013: Gutslit: 'Skewered In The Sewer'
22 November 2013: Betzefer: 'The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land'
14 October 2013: Interview with Dionysus
30 September 2013: Faraz Haider: 'Soch'
25 September 2013: The Temperance Movement: Loopallu, Ullapool, Scotland
23 September 2013: Interview With Demonstealer And Faraz Haider
11 September 2013: Khorne: 'We Begin' EP
3 September 2013: Taimur Tajik: 'Order For Disorder'
29 August 2013: Blackhour: 'Age Of War'
21 August 2013: Interview With Babar Sheik Of Dusk
29 July 2013: Catacombs 2013 Live Gig Review
24 July 2013: Hassan Umer Amin From Foreskin Gives An Insight Into The Metal Scene In Pakistan
9 July 2013: Anarchadia: 'Let Us All Unite'
3 July 2013: Dionysus: Hymn To The Dying
10 June 2013: Interview With Taimur Tajik
28 May 2013: Lohikarma: 'Dreaming Skies'
20 May 2013: Taimur Tajik: 'Order For Disorder'


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