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'Order For Disorder'

Andy Millen

andy millen

Pin back your ears for this is the first single from Karachi based Taimur Tajik's second album, 'Order For Disorder'.

Their debut album, 'Vice Versa', was released in 2011 to much acclaim. Influenced by bands such as Guns N' Roses and Alice in Chains, their debut album, 'Vice Versa' is available here as a free download.

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Concept: Taimur Tajik
Produced, directed and edited: Faraz Haider
Director of Photography: Haider Azim
Produced at: RevX Studios
Starring: Taimur Tajik (guitars/vocals); Saad Khan (bass guitar); Kami (drums); & Osama Tahir (as the victim)

The video is disturbing and here are Taimur's own words on the concept behind it: "'Order For Disorder' is a global socio-political commentary on modern events and perception. The video features an unknown man in an unknown location strapped to a chair. His captors and his whereabouts are also unknown.

"In front of him is a television set playing looped images and videos preceded by key words 'happiness', 'harmony', 'peace', 'humanity' etc.

"At first, the images are safe and acceptable, linking appropriately to the words. However, the words are later juxtaposed with more 'unpleasant' and contradicting real world images and video.

"In the end, despite breaking free from his bounds, the captive chooses to protest his newly discovered humanity rather than return to it (through self immolation). He has realized that humanity is no longer humane as he was once led to believe.

"This is reflected in the music. Although his influences can be heard, in both the music and vocals, Taimur makes this his own, with hard rocking riffs, well produced vocals and a stonking solo, this is one for those hard rock fans to play loud."

"Order for Disorder" - Taimur Tajik (OFD) from Taimur Tajik on Vimeo.

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