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'Order For Disorder'
Release Date: Friday 6th September 2103

Andy Millen

andy millen

taimur tajik

This, the second full length album from Karachi rocker Taimur Tajik promises much. His 2011 debut 'Vice Versa' was well acclaimed, and following the release of the title track as a single a few months to good reviews, does the album live up to the promise?

Well, the simple answer is yes, and then some. The songs are tighter, the vocals much improved and producer Faraz Haider brings everything together perfectly. What you have is ten tracks of ballsy, bluesy based heavy rock, following in the footsteps of bands like Black Label society, Slash etc etc.

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The opening track, 'Order For Disorder', lays the shape for the album from the word go - hard rocking guitar riffs and drums that pull you out of your chair and bounce you round the room.

The vocals complimenting nicely – he does not try and sing too fast, every word can be heard (the same is true of the first album, a very distinctive vocal style here), and the solos compliment the tracks rather than stroke his ego.

The next four tracks continue in the same vein. 'Deicide', 'Good For Nothing' (riffs based on a simple sliding scale) 'Might As Well Be Blind' and 'Divide' (finishing with a brilliant solo) are all powerhouse rock songs.

Then you get to 'Black Out The Sun', slower and, well, oozier, this takes the best track award here. The talkbox works well, putting something to the track that lifts it, especially in the solo.

The pace returns with 'Turn To Stone', then the ballad 'Take Me With You' provides a lull in the heavy, allowing you to catch your breath before the final two tracks pull you back into the moshpit, and at the end, it leaves you wanting more.

Producer Faraz Haider's vocals on 'Time Will Tell' add a new dimension to the sound, his voice is pure rock energy!

This is a beast of an album, full of talent and raw energy, and deserves to propel Taimur into the world spotlight. It screams "Play Loud" and should be on everyone's MP3 Rawk playlist.

I am going to give it a 4.5 beer rating. It will be available as a free download from Taimur's website, here, from this Friday 6th September.

Track List:
Order for disorder
Good for nothing
Might as well be blind
Black out the sun
Turn to Stone
Take me with you
Bones in a box
Time will tell (featuring Faraz Haider)

The Band:
All vocals, Guitars and Bass guitar – Taimur Tajek
Drums Kami Rasheed and Adnaan Hussain

Producer (and vocals on track 10)
Faraz Haider

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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