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faraz haider

This, the first single from Faraz Haider's second album, 'Naya Jehan', is a powerful ballad about victims of war. It is sung in Urdu, but the video and Faraz's explanation below will provide enough for non-speakers to know what they are listening to.

Mostly piano/keyboards and strings with Taimur Tajik's tantalisingly guitar creeping in at the end, musically this does have a great feel to it, although the end solo could have been longer.

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Faraz Haider - Soch (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2013) from Faraz Haider on Vimeo.

"'Soch' is an overwhelming music video about victims of war. The song's lyrics have multiple interpretations because of the line, 'Kya Soch Hai' (roughly "what is"). 'Soch' is a song that was initially made to lift the spirit of victims of fear.

"The idea was to remind people that it's not just about them, it's about life around them. Humans only feel what they want to feel and only learn from their own errors. Their eyes will only open when bad things happen to them."
Faraz Haider

The video does echo this very well - the dark overtones through most of the piece are replaced at the end with bright optimism. The production and direction of this is well thought out (as are his other video's released on Vimeo (such as 'Andher').

Faraz Haider - Duniya Ghoom Ke from Faraz Haider on Vimeo..

If you want to listen to more of Faraz' music, which he describes as "Rock Fusion" ranging from ballads such as this to more Industrial rocky numbers you can find him on Soundcloud ( and Facebook (

Video credits:
Conceived, produced and directed by Faraz Haider
Cinematography by Haider Azim
Matte painting, compositing & editing at RevX (Media Production)

Audio credits:
Soch is track number 6 on Faraz Haider's second album called 'Naya Jahan'

Contributing artists:
Islamuddin Meer on String section
Taimur Tajik on Guitar
Written, composed, produced and sung by Faraz Haider

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