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'The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land'

Andy Millen

andy millen


Israel's Betzefer rock up with their third album in a career that has seen them as support to bands such as Sepultura, Lamb Of God and Megadeth. Now signed to Germany's Steamhammer/SPV Label and with German and European tours planned through 2013/4, this should see them go from strength to strength.

After the intro, the storming rocky title track (above) kicks in, with its no holds barred lyrics, setting the tone both musically and lyrically for the rest of the album. Avitar Tamir's vocals sounding top notch throughout. 'Killing The Fuss' is followed by 'Cash' then 'Yuppie 6 Feet Underground' showing a style with nods in influence to bands like the aforementioned Sepultura and Pantera.

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'Cop Killer' is next up and is as unforgiving as the title sounds. Matan Cohen's Guitar work is brilliant throughout. I personally prefer bands in this thrash style to use two guitarists but the sound here works very well. 'Sledgehammer' is next up, doing just what is says on the tin, followed by 'The Medic And Milk'.

A nod here to the bassist, Rotem Inbar and the drummer Roey Berman, providing phenomenal rhythm to round the sound off well. 'Suicide Hotline pts 1 and 2' are followed by 'Cannibal', 'I Hate' and the final track 'Can You Hear Me Now?' rounding off a 14 track thrash epic, peppered with catchy riffs, and storming rhythm's and a powerful sound overall. This is a band you will want to see live!


Amir has this to say about the Album: "For the first time, these are real songs... You could easily play them on just a guitar... This is a confident, grown-up and thoroughly accomplished album which we're very proud of."

Well, fans of the earlier albums will not be disappointed, and Betzefer virgins will wonder just why they haven't listened to them earlier!

'The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land' is released on November 25th, and available on CD format as well as download.



Line Up:
Avital Tamir - Vocals
Matan Cohen - Guitar
Roey Berman - Drums
Rotem Inbar - Bass


Thrash Heaven...




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