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'Skewered In The Sewer'
(Transcending Obscurity)

Andy Millen

andy millen


Gutslit hail from Mumbai, India and were formed in 2007 have released their debut full-length album via Ghastly Music (Japan) and Coyote Records (Russia). This has already received rave reviews both in India and round the world, so when I got my hands on this to review, I was excited to say the least!

Now, if brutal no holds barred death metal is not your bag then walk away now. With song titles like 'Circumcised With A Chainsaw', 'Maze Of Entrails' and the title track 'Skewered In The Sewer' it is clear that this is going to be a very extreme album.

So, what do you have here?

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After the intro you get eight 2-4 minute tracks full of heavy riffs, most tracks preceded by horror style sound-effect intros. With Aditya Barve's vocals distorted to the point of oblivion, this takes no prisoners, and puts the death back into death metal.

Musically, their brutality has control, their riffs are very catchy, and change within songs. There is control there, which makes this album stand out well.


The production quality is superb and well balanced, with nothing out competing anything else. New band member Aaron Pinto on drums is a welcome addition, improving the band both in the studio and at live shows.

This is half an hour of rhythmic mayhem, which will leave you breathless by the end. However, don't just take my word for it, check this out!

The Band are:
Aditya Barve - Vocals
Gurdip Narang - Bass
Prateek Rajagopal - Guitar
Aaron Pinto - Drums

The album is available via Transcending Obscurity India's Bandcamp page here in various formats.




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