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'Suffer Till Death'

Andy Millen

andy millen


MetalTalk, as regular readers will know, have a commitment not just to feature well known bands, but also bring you new talent, often from places you wouldn't associate with having a rock/Metal scene to speak of such as Nepal.

Famous more for Sherpas, Ghurkas and Mount Everest, Nepal plays host to a number of Metal Bands, mostly death Metal such as Binaash (check out the Ghalazat compilations for more on this), however Bidroha break that mould with a much more old school thrash Metal style.

Their debut album, 'Suffer Till Death' was released in Hong Kong last year and sold out very quickly. Such was the demand worldwide (thanks to good old social media sites) that they have been persuaded to put this out as a digital release.

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The lyrics on all the tracks are very political. The band's name, Bidroha, means retaliation, and as the band put it: "Bidroha are retaliating against all the social/political evils prevailing in society..." and this definitely comes out on this album.

Samaj Ko Kaidi (Social Ants) opens this eight track album, after a good introduction Saurab's vocals kick in. This and the second track, 'Adhipatya nai ho Danav ko' (If the Devil had Dominance) are the two tracks sung in their native Nepali, but don't skip through them. These musically set the stall out for the rest of the album, interchanging between fast and chugging riffs, with much to delight the listener.

The rest of the tracks are sung in English, and Saurub sings very much in the Phil Anselmo style - just enough scream without being forced or over distorted. Indeed, a lot of Pantera influence can be heard in the album, it does indeed tip a nod to the late 80s/early 90s in terms of style rather than trying to be anything innovative. Track three, 'Desolated Apocalypse' has a definite Slayer feel to it, as does the next track, 'Dreams Broken', (probably the best track).


The title track, 'Suffer Till Ddeath', is a corker, riff and pace changes, with with brilliant soloing from Saurab and Zantu fading the track out, (this is a bit of a shame, you want more of the soloing here it ends too soon). 'Sirens And Jack Boots' heralds their signature track, 'Bidroha'. This was originally recorded in Nepali, and this version ups the pace and changes the singing style, retaliation indeed.

'States Of Mind' opens with some blistering bass from Bsal, and the vocals on this and the final track are clean giving a very different feel. The final track, 'I'm Youth', is a tribute to veteran Nepali rockers Silverstone, and the change of riff half-way through takes you by surprise.

So, what you have is a good debut album, despite channelling bands like Slayer and Pantera, a very distinct style is emerging, especially lyrically. This can only develop as time goes on.

Production is very good, despite the limited budget. With plenty of gigs in Nepal, India and Hong Kong under their belt, they can cut it live and this definitely shows on the album.

All in all, much here to delight thrash fans worldwide, and this should bring the band to worldwide attention.

**warning, the following Video contains images that some may find distressing**

Recorded at The Falls Studio and D-Shakya Studios. Drums recorded at Rec Studios, Khatmandhu.
Produced by Bidroha and Mixed/ mastered by Davin Shakya of Kalodin.
Saurab: Lead Vocal/Lead Guitar/Composer/Songwriter
Zantu: Lead Guitar/Composer
Bsal: Bass/Vocals
Amar: Drums
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