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Andy Millen

andy millen


Tabahi was formed by Faiq Ahmed in 2008 and they have had a couple of line-up changes in that time culminating in the line-up that has existed since 2013 with bassist/vocalist Daniyal and drummer Hyder Ali.

Aside from teaming up with Farhan Rathore last year to produce the 'Khorne' EP (reviewed here last year) they have been pretty much working together on their material since then.

This thirteen track thrasher is a very edgy album, lyric-wise, full of political and social based lyrics. They are not afraid to use their music to condemn and criticise, whether it be the Taliban (Virgin Bomber); their government (Fatwa) or the wider situation in the world. These are mixed with more fun tracks like 'Mosh, Mosh, Mosh' and 'Thrashbandi'.

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Musically, they are very much influenced by the German "Holy Trinity" of thrash bands, Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. Tabahi literally means Destruction - yes, that is deliberate on their part!

Album opener 'Hidden Voices' is an instrumental owing more than a passing nod to early Slayer, indeed you could be forgiven for dismissing them as mere clones and not going any further but the moment 'Abomination' opens, you get a taste of what is a very distinct style.

Daniyal is a very competent vocalist, firmly in the Marcel Schirmer mould, and he screams and growls his way through the songs well. The song is how their country is in sleepwalk mode and about the many issues that are occurring in the country:

"Our people strive a way to live
All prepared for the worst
Homicide, genocide, suicide - All with us
Indecisive, Ineffective, Submissive - All in us"


'Fatwa' is up next which continues this theme and is a direct challenge to the Government, then Danyal's scream introduces 'Democrazy', a song against how money talks in the halls of power. Maybe here a touch of Anthrax creeping in - breaks mid riff, and clean backing vocals adding to a very distinct style.

The next track, 'Twisted Minds', has a very singable catchy chorus (again, another hallmark of their style) which really does make this song stick in your mind.

'Art Of War' follows, and then the one Urdu track, 'Hona Hai', which in Faiq's own words is about: "...something which is about to happen real big. It has been written by one of the famous writers in Pakistan, Sabil Zafar. The song is mainly about the recent situations of our country, the thoughts what the people are going through.

"In the chorus the lyrics are translated as: 'There are traitors all in this city, come look, all the homes and the economy has been corrupted by the leaders of this nation. to take control of the nation, we Pakistanis should unite as one to save our country.' It's actually a song for all the countries who suffer the same situations like us!"

'Escape From Reality' is next up, lyrics again about how people seem to be living on auto-pilot. With its sublime riffing and sing-along chorus it should be a real crowd pleaser and the instrumental break in the middle of the track is as good as anything you will hear.

Then comes 'Virgin Bomber', an angry song aimed at the heart of the extremists who brainwash those to conduct suicide bombings. The full impact of this track is laid out in the video to accompany the song, distressing images of the effects show condemnation in full.


The second instrumental, 'Thrashbandi', and the following track 'Mosh, Mosh, Mosh' provide a pause in the heavy lyrical content nicely, before 'Devil Inside' kicks in. This and the final track, 'Televised End', are both tracks urging people to think for themselves and get out of the auto-pilot rut, and the latter track is a rage against how television has taken over people's lives far more than it should.

All in all, this is a cracking debut album, great vocally with great solos and riffs and lyrics that make you sit up and think. It has had a very good reception in Kharachi, with fans coming to the band from non-Metal backgrounds because of the lyrical content, as well as from the usual Metal crowd.

This is also beginning to have an impact worldwide, with Turkish label SWA distributing in Europe; great reviews and airplay worldwide and recent positive comments left on the band's Facebook page by none other than Jeff Waters of Annihilator are further testimony to just how good this album is.

But don't take just our word for it, judge for yourself:

Fifty minutes of intelligent, thought provoking top class thrash.

Daniyal Buksh Soomro - Vocals/Bass Guitars
Faiq Ahmed - Guitars
Hyder Ali - Drums

Recorded at Shockstudios, Karachi, Pakistan




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