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'Human Hive'
(Seige Of Amida Records/New Century Media)
Released: 12th May 2014

Andy Millen

andy millen

boris the blade

Boris the Blade are a death Metal band hailing from Melbourne, Australia and 'Human Hive' is their first full length LP, following their debut EP, 'Damnation', released in 2011.

The observant will have noticed that their name is taken from the film Snatch - Rade Šerbedžija’s arms-dealer Boris "the Blade" Yurinov.

Anyway, enough trivia, this ten track album (available from ITunes as well as on physical CD ( promises much from the opening to first track 'Serpent's Crown'. A furious drum roll, followed by a cracking staccato riff pulls you in right at the start, making you sit up and take note.

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Vocals match the fury, growled to perfection. With plenty of riff changes, and other changes to the songs this does build up to a lot of promise as an epic death Metal album.

Certainly, the guitar and vocal work through the album does give a good account for itself, tight and well written, it does try to deliver a very unique sound here - keyboards and decks also feature on some songs and blend in very well.

boris the blade

However, the big downside of the way this has been produced overall is the drum sound. In many places, it is way too loud in the mix, often obliterating everything bar the vocals. Also, the drummer does seem on occasion to put too much drums in - trying to prove how fast he can crash the bass drums, and going out of time with the song. This is a shame, as the rest of the band do sound quite tight.

There is much good to like about this album, and they do show promise if they can pull everything together and sort out the production of the drums, I can't see why they can't build on this and produce a very good record indeed.

For this one however, 3 Beers.

Daniel Sharp - Vocals
Coby Chatz - Bass
Josh Lording - Guitars
Cameron Eyre - Guitars
Karl Stellar - Drums




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